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Mantle is gaining traction with its sustainable yield $mETH & $mUSD products. Not to mention its focus on user-oriented solutions & airdrops…With EIP-4844 on the way and keeping certain token utility and supply dynamics in mind relative to other L2s, it may be $MNT’s time to shine.

Mantle – The Case for $MNT

Published: Jan 10, 2024

Render facilitates distributed GPU rendering, as opposed to centralized GPU rendering providers like Amazon AWS and Google Cloud. You can think of it like Airbnb, but for GPUs. In this Analyst Insight, we explore the demand for GPUs in relation to AI & VR/AR tech advancements, as well as prospects for $RENDER, the protocol’s native token.

Render – On-Demand Marketplace for GPUs

Published: May 24, 2023

In this Insight, we explore Bittensor, an open-source protocol with a core mission: to drive AI development through a blockchain-driven incentive structure. Bittensor functions as a mining network, utilizing token incentives to encourage participation while upholding principles of openness and decentralization.

Bittensor – Incentivizing Intelligence

Published: October 25, 2023

In this Insight, we explore Morpho Blue. With Morpho Blue, Morpho enters the competitive landscape of money markets in DeFi with a simple yet powerful thesis: decentralized lending needs a trustless base layer. 

Morpho Blue – Money Market Metamorphosis

Published: October 19, 2023

In this Insight, we provide an in-depth analysis of Dopex V2. Dopex v2 introduces a Concentrated Liquidity AMM (CLAMM) for trading Options on-chain. This innovation will enable features like natively hedged strategies and margin accounts. 

Dopex – Decentralized Options Infrastructure

Published: September 28, 2023

Over the past year, Chainlink has undergone a transformation, marked by the introduction of Chainlink Economics 2.0. In this Insight, we explore its Economic Framework, Market Opportunities, and much more.

The $LINK Moat – The Future of Trusted Data

Published: September 14, 2023

In this Insight, we provide an in-depth analysis of GMX v2 and its token, $GMX. With a primary goal of forecasting the token’s future price directionality, we examine the factors that may influence its performance after the stealth launch of the protocol’s most recent upgrade.

GMX v2 – Maintaining Position Among Perp DEXs?

Published: August 10, 2023

Liquity USD ($LUSD) is a decentralized, immutable, over-collateralized, and governance-free stablecoin. $LUSD is minted when users deposit collateral and take out loans within the Liquity system. In this Insight, we perform a Risk Review of Liquity’s native stablecoin $LUSD

$LUSD – Reliable Stable?

Published: August 2, 2023

In this Insight, we review Uniswap v4 whose vision is to increase the expressiveness of its underlying primitives. Announced as public infrastructure for the Ethereum ecosystem, the goal of Uniswap V4 is to empower developers with the appropriate tools to build their own unique primitives. 

Uniswap v4 – From Business to Core Public Infrastructure

Published: July 28, 2023

In this Insight, we explore the Frax ecosystem which is extensive and expands on multiple verticals, from stablecoins to lending markets, DEXs, bridges, and multiple other DeFi primitives such as AMOs (Algorithmic Market Operations), and BAMM (Borrow AMM).

Frax – Far From Just a Stablecoin

Published: June 29, 2023

In this Insight, we look at Bunni which is changing the game in DeFi tokenomics by selling $LIT call Options as the reward token for LPs. This experimentation can inspire other protocols to find new venues for becoming cash-flow positive and preventing overspending.

Bunni – The Case for $LIT

Published: June 27, 2023

In this Insight, we look at Swell, a non-custodial liquid Staking protocol, that stands out for offering users a seamless and accessible way to participate in Ethereum Staking. Swell enables users to access both Staking yields and DeFi opportunities through a single interface. 

Swell – A New LST Competitor Emerges

Published: June 21, 2023

In this Insight, we look at Aragon, a project that focuses on decentralized governance and the creation of DAOs. Specifically, we look at its network token $ANT and the potential trade opportunity of longing $ANT while shorting $ETH.

Aragon – Buy the News

Published: June 15, 2023

In this Insight, we dive into Stacks, a smart contract layer for Bitcoin. The key differentiator between Bitcoin and other blockchains like Ethereum is that Bitcoin can’t natively support Smart Contracts. Stacks presents its own solution, which does not require support from Bitcoiners to be put into place.

Stacks – Making Bitcoin Smart

Published: June 12, 2023

In this Insight, we explore Mantle, an upcoming optimistic Layer 2 network on Ethereum based on the OP stack. The Mantle blockchain and BitDAO are closely intertwined. To understand the bullish case for Mantle, investors should have a solid understanding of the investor and the DAO backing behind it.

Mantle – Modular Mass Adoption

Published: June 7, 2023

In this Insight, we explore Stargate, the bridge that currently has the highest retention rate, closely followed by LiFi. Operating across multiple chains involves a lot of moving parts and things can get messy quickly. Stargate, through its LayerZero technology, simplifies this process by providing a single interface and code base for all cross-chain pairs. 

Stargate – The Omnichain Future

Published: June 3, 2023

In this Insight, we explore Synapse, a cross-chain bridge that connects blockchains and their unique ecosystems. With V2, Synapse’s main attraction is the Interchain Network which introduces two new significant changes to the bridge; Cross-chain Messaging, and the Synapse Chain.

Synapse – From Bridge to Blockchain

Published: June 2, 2023

In this Insight, we explore Aevo, an Options trading exchange built by the Ribbon Finance team to target pro and institutional derivatives traders looking for an on-chain alternative to centralized Options providers.

Aevo – Alternative for Decentralized Options

Published: May 17, 2023

In this Insight, we explore Radiant, an omnichain money market that aims to aggregate fragmented liquidity across multiple chains. Our interest in $RDNT derived from the anticipated launch of V2 where an improved tokenomics design has changed how value flows through the protocol, and how users get rewarded for their interactions. 

Radiant – DeFi’s Hotel California

Published: May 4, 2023