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You can upgrade/downgrade your account by visiting your account profile and navigating to the “Subscriptions” tab. Then click on the ‘Change Plan’ button and make your selection. If you are downgrading your new plan will take effect once your current plan expires. There will be no refunds. If you are upgrading, you will be billed a pro-rata amount based on your current plan. The changes take effect once payment is received.

We do not offer refunds for any plans under any circumstances.

Yes! We accept payment in crypto for our annual plans.

You can pay in USDC, USDT & BUSD on Avalanche, BSC, Ethereum, Fantom, and Polgyon.

Unfortunately we do not currently have the ability to accept crypto payments for Monthly plans.


We have wide distribution across across our newsletters, DeFi Sparks podcast and our Youtube channel.

For any media, press of advertising enquiries, please fill in Partnerships form and our team will be in touch.

If you are a project founder and would like coverage on our platform then please fill out the Partnerships form and our team will be in touch.


For our paid members, we offer exclusive Discord channels and Webinars where we discuss the projects we cover. Members will share opinions, analysis, and research and have direct access to our analysts, project founders, and special guests.

Our Project Timelines document the sequence of events associated with a project since inception. In a single comprehensive outline, we capture all the major events that have shaped a project to what it is today.

Prepared by crypto natives, our Project Breakdowns are the most complete and comprehensive reports covering everything you need to know about a project. From mechanics to tokenomics, whether you’re a DeFi user or investor, you will find the relevant information you need before using or investing in a project.

Our Notes product are analyst summaries of the most important podcasts, AMAs, and interviews in the crypto space. We’ll be covering over 200 entities; Chains, Projects, Shows, People, Topics, and Organizations.

Using Our Products

Sounds like you’re currently on a FREE plan! To get full access to Notes and other products, please consider upgrading to a paid plan.
You create your own News Feed by following ‘Tags’.You will find these Tags under each of the Notes and on the ‘Tags List’ page and can choose from hundreds across Chains, People, Shows, Organisations, Projects & Topics.
Once you add your selections your personalised News Feed will populate with all content that relates to the interests you have followed.
You can remove and add tags are often as you like.

To save a Note for later consumption, you can create a ‘Library’. On every note, you will find a ‘Save’ button. Click ‘Save’ and the Note will be added to the ‘My Library’ page. It will stay there until you ‘Unsave’ it.

We have an Explore function which allows you to filter our Notes by Chain, Person, Topic, Show, and Organization. This is a great way to find amazing Notes you didn’t know you were looking for.