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The Problem

At a Project level, important information is highly fragmented across project docs, whitepapers, articles, podcasts, videos, Discord & Twitter.

Researching a project from scratch involves hours of locating, collecting, filtering and organizing all relevant material, before spending more hours consuming, understanding and interpreting that information. Slowing down the process further, project documentation is often incomplete, out of date, and in many cases short on details.

The Solution

Our Project Breakdowns are 50+ page structured reports involving deep dive research by our team of analysts, who are tasked with doing all the hard work to understand the project at a fundamental level. Along with publicly available information, we fill in any gaps through discussions with teams, our own expertise and conferring with other industry experts.

These reports explain and detail everything users and investors need to know about a project. Our work is the most comprehensive documentation on a specific project available publicly anywhere in crypto. Our team explores every aspect of the project and does all the hard work required to assemble an easy to read report. 

Reports do not include any editorial bias, cheer leading, opinions or investment advice.

We’ll be publishing 1 – 2 Project Breakdowns every WEEK with 40+ of them already live (see entire list).

To supplement each Project Breakdown and to facilitate thoughtful, useful and ongoing discussion, there will be a dedicated channel for each project in the Revelo Discord. Users will have direct access to the analysts responsible for creating the report, to ask questions and discuss on going events. Collectively, the discussion in these channels will provide insight, clarity and understanding that can not be found anywhere else in crypto.

Our analysts will:

  • Read all relevant docs, whitepapers & articles
  • Watch/listen to all AMA’s & interviews involving the team
  • Document the timeline of events since inception
  • Explain technical concepts & workflows
  • Create & explain flow charts, graphs & info graphics
  • Research the backgrounds of team members
  • Research & comment on the competitive landscape
  • Fill in gaps through discussion with teams & other experts
  • Be available for questions in private discord channels
  • Provide ongoing updates to the report


  • Everything you need to know about a Project in 1 report
  • Stay up-to-date with Project updates as they happen
  • Standardised information to compare projects
  • Comprehensive information without bias or opinion
  • Research new projects from scratch in a fraction of the time
  • Expand number of projects you understand and follow
  • Wider universe of opportunity available to you


  • 1 – 2 New Project Breakdowns every week
  • Dedicated private discord channel for each project
  • Project Timeline documenting sequence of events from inception
  • Direct access to our Analysts who cover the project
  • Access to information not widely available or understood
  • Private AMA’s with Teams in our discord
  • On going updates to the reports

See Samples of Our Breakdowns

Are you ready to take accountability and do your due diligence before making an investment? Our Breakdowns will definitely make your life easier. Here are a few samples of our comprehensive Project Breakdowns:

Frax aims to provide the first fractional reserve USD-based stablecoin. Similar to how the traditional banking system works, the Frax Protocol is backed by collateral assets and partially stabilized through a monetary policy based on Algorithmic Market Operations.

See Frax’s full Timeline.

GMX is a decentralized perpetual and spot exchange protocol currently on Arbitrum and Avalanche. It stands out for allowing traders to trade up to 30x leverage with zero impact on token prices and almost no slippage. 

See GMX’s full Timeline.

Pendle is a yield-trading protocol that allows users to execute yield management strategies to increase or decrease exposure to sources of yield. Pendle innovates by introducing the concept of Standardized Yield Stripping.

See Pendle’s full Timeline.

To see more samples of our Breakdowns, head to our resource page.