GMX - Revelo Intel



October 13: GMX’s STIP proposal reaches quorum

October 2: Chainlink’s Data Streams integrated

September 25: Chaos Labs releases GMX V2 Risk Portal platform

September 22: Full security analysis of Chainlink’s automation contracts for the GMX V2 system by Guardian Audits

August 23: Updated GMX V2 contracts with Chainlink real-time feed integration deployed to the Arbitrum Goerli testnet

August 18: GMX V2 listed on InsurAce

August 10: The bug bounty program expands to cover V2 contracts

August 9: MUX Protocol integrates V2

August 8: GMX V2 goes live.

August 6: Tradao integrates V2.

August 1: Snapshot V2 Genesis Parameter passes.

July 26: V2 Genesis Risk Framework by Chaos Labs is live.

July 19: Snapshot v2 fee split passes.

July 10: Native USDC added to GLP for Arbitrum.

June 30: GMX’s Avalanche Rush Incentives received by Struct Finance.

June 27: Snapshot on Multiplier Point passes.

June 12: GMX V2 Testnet publicly available.

May 25: Integration with Yama Finance

May 5: Integration with Dolomite.

April 28: Trading competition partnership with GammaSwap and Rysk Finance announced.

April 26: Proposal for integration with Chainlink’s new oracles passes.

April 13: Integration with Etherdrops Bot.

April 3: GMX will post articles on Substack instead of Medium.

March 31: Subgraph to collect APR info for synthetics markets added.

March 10: Interface component to claim funding fees for synthetics added.

March 3: Subgraph and interface for the synthetics trade history added.

February 14: Trading View integrated.

February 10: GMX Sherlock contest goes live with 217,500 USDC in rewards auditors and security researchers who find code vulnerabilities.

February 2: Governance vote in favor of completing an OTC treasury swap between GMX and Gammaswap treasuries of $100,000 worth of esGMX and Gammaswap GS tokens. The esGMX from the trade will be permanently locked, with the proceeds from staking esGMX used to fund grant programs to build vaults or structured products leveraging GMX & GammaSwap, driving more fees to both platforms


December 31: Community votes in favor of ending esGMX emissions for GLP and GMX based on the agreed-upon schedule.

October: GMX listed on FTX, Binance,, Nexo, Kucoin.

October 21: Community votes in favor of creating a labs entity for GMX community members to contribute under as well as to apply a Business Source License to the code created by the GMX DAO.

October 3: Synthetics contracts code published.

August: BTC.b added to GLP on Avalanche.

May 6: GMX listed on MEXC.

April 27: Referral program goes live.

March 24: 1.5% price move rule to close a position in profit is removed

March 8: GMX listed on Bybit.

January 20: GMX-AVAX liquidity pool goes live on Trader Joe.

January 6: GMX protocol goes live on Avalanche.


December 20: GMX contracts deployed on Avalanche.

December 16: Partnered with OlympusDAO.

December 15: Gambit protocol USDG holders stop receiving WBNB rewards, users could redeem USDG for BUSD 1-1 at anytime.

December 8: Gambit protocol on BSC begins closing operations.

December 7: GMX Blueberry Club NFT public mint goes live.

December 3: DAI added to GLP.

December 2: GMX becomes most used protocol on Arbitrum with ~80k unique monthly users and ~30k transactions per day.

November 22: FRAX added to GLP.

November 22: GMX Blueberry Club NFT is designed.

November 13: Protocol reaches $5 billion in volume traded.

November 4: First Community trading competition goes live.

September 21: LINK, UNI, & USDT added to GLP.

September 15: website domain goes live.

September 6: GMX token goes live on Arbitrum.

September 1: Minting & redeeming of GLP goes live shortly after.

August 31: Arbitrum is available to the public.

August 12: Protocol reaches $1 billion in volume traded.

July 15: (Now called GMX after rebrand of Gambit) GMX token contracts deployed on Arbitrum mainnet.

July 12: GMX integrated into Synapse bridge from Arbitrum to Avalanche.

July 8: Updated Tokenomics.

June 22 – July 6: The migration period from BSC to Arbitrum goes live.  

April 28: Gambit goes live on BSC.

April 3: GMT governance token pre-sale launched.

February 26: Gambit Protocol announced.


November 10: Protocol first launched as XVIX.