About Us - Revelo Intel

Our Mission

To empower both users & investors, to educate themselves and keep up to date, in an efficient way so they can make informed decisions about how they allocate their capital.

Why is the platform called Revelo Intel?

When researching an investment or a business we embark on a journey of discovery. This discovery process ultimately involves digging through incomplete information with the aim of trying to reveal the truth about the prospects of the investment. 

Revelo is the Latin word for reveal.

Letter From Founder

I’m Nick Drakon and decided to start this company in Sept 2022 because I believe in DeFi and the crypto industry as a whole. 

This space is full of intelligent, capable and passionate people who have the desire to exit the current system and take back control of their financial destiny. The issue is that the space is still in it’s ‘wild west’ phase and that many of these folks have had trouble navigating the treacherous waters that encompass this nascent industry. It doesn’t help that these waters are infested with individuals and organisations that are skilful in taking advantage of those amongst us who are the most vulnerable.

I want to see this industry thrive, grow and eventually be a viable alternative to legacy systems which are set up for the minority to prosper. I made the decision to enter the arena and contribute positively. The best way I know how to do that is by creating and operating a business which employs lots of people and provides products that help users make informed decisions.

In my 20 years as an investor and trader the only sustainable edge I have ever encountered relates to working hard in order to create an information edge.

Information in crypto is highly fragmented, unreliable, incomplete and in some cases deceptive. This landscape presents a significant opportunity for investors who can navigate the minefield by identifying, understanding and using the information that matters most.

The vast amount of information released daily makes this a difficult proposition and one that I have spent significant time trying to solve for in my own personal investing process.

Using parts of my own process as a base, we have created a suite of tools and services that help investors parse large amounts of information quickly and efficiently. Our aim is to generate and maintain a significant information edge for our users which forms the fundamental basis for ongoing analysis and decision making.

Our work contains no bias or opinion. It’s main function is to provide those who are doing their own work with tools to help them research more efficiently and save time. If you are looking for buy/sell signals you are in the wrong place.

We have focused on building a team of talented and passionate individuals who all have a strong desire to execute on our mission. It has been an absolute pleasure working together with these folks as we try to build a service which we hope the industry finds useful.

Our customers are individual users, so the direction our coverage and our product offering takes will be guided by those people who trust us enough to become members. My personal commitment to you is that we will always have your best interests at heart. You don’t need to take my word for it, because our business depends on it, and if we fail on this point I know we will lose you as a customer.

Our team currently consists of 16 people from around the world and I anticipate that by the end of 2023 we will have a team of 50+. I personally look forward to giving more passionate people an opportunity to work in the space.

I want to thank the entire team who have all worked tirelessly to get this platform to launch in only a few months. They are some of the smartest, most passionate people I have met in business and I want them to know that without them, there is no business.

There is a lot we have been working on which is not part of the launch, and we look forward to releasing more functionality, features and products over the coming months. For now, I eagerly await your feedback on what we have launched today. Thank you.


Nick Drakon

Founder & CEO