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Tremendous profit opportunities exist in crypto when you have the right information available to you at the right time. But, how can you stay on top of everything, with thousands of active protocols and endless Twitter Space, Discord Calls, Docs, Substacks, and Medium articles? Our team of analysts makes your life easier by doing the hard work of consolidating this fragmented information, presenting it in an easily consumable format, and providing other tools to help you become more efficient and educated in your research process.


Insights are actionable reports that provide detailed explanations and analyses of our thought processes.

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Breakdowns are deep-dive reports that cover everything users and investors need to know about a project.

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Snapshots are comprehensive reports that encapsulate a project’s financial performance over a 30-day period.

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Notes are detailed summaries of the most crucial points from podcasts, Twitter Spaces, etc..

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The Revelo Intel Discord is a members-only forum where the brightest minds in crypto have productive discussions.

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Daily Intel

Daily Intel captures key 24-hour developments in crypto, including major industry announcements and updates.

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What Our Users Say

Been an avid reader of Revelo Intel even before we started working together due to the quality content they provide catering to both newcomers and crypto professionals. Clear, concise and up-to-date. Team is also professional with a clear target of what research articles and insights they produce.

Paolo | Pendle

Growth, External Relations at Pendle

We were fortunate enough to discover Revelo through our research stages of building our marketing plan ahead of our protocol launch. We needed a partner who could deeply understand and articulate the complexities of building a DeFi 3.0 protocol. We've been delighted with the technical output and ongoing support from a marketing and awareness point of view.

Bumper Finance

Volatility Protection

If money AND time are important to you then Revelo is a must have in your research arsenal. What I can accomplish in 30 minutes on Revelo would take me an entire day on my own. I'm a customer for life.


CEO & Co-Founder of Blockbytes

In a fast moving industry full of opportunities and missteps, Revelo Intel provides something that other sites don't - accurate, well-researched information from experts, not amateurs.


Full Stack & Web3 Developer

The best thing about Revelo, for me, is Insights. Being able to hop on there and read a well-written multi-page document on cutting edge defi-narratives or protocols is an edge. The quality of the content is impossible to explain, you just have to read it. It's a clear level above anything you'll find in a medium article or even a protocol's whitepaper.

Stephen | DeFi Dojo

Co-Founder of Define Logic Labs

For me Revelo is my go to platform for crypto research due to their dynamic approach! Packed with cutting-edge tools and insightful research services, it’s the secret weapon you didn’t know you needed. You want to know what else is great? It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a seasoned investor, this platform empowers you to decode the world of crypto with EASE.



Revelo Intel has created a masterclass for DeFi, offering comprehensive and easily understandable information. Revelo covers everything from protocol snapshots to in-depth analysis conducted by expert researchers. It stands out as one of the few tools available today that provides actionable data.

Emperor Osmo

Crypto Research

Revelo Intel is my go-to resource when I begin researching a new crypto project. Their project overviews combine in-depth research with concise summaries to give me the important details in the most efficient manner possible. As a full-time crypto professional, this was exactly the sort of product I needed.

Patrick Dynamo Defi

Yield Farmer & Occasional IRL Farmer

I love Revelo Intel because they give you access to expert crypto insights in multiple different formats - so they have something for everyone! Complete project reports give you everything you need to know in detail. Snapshots let you get a quick understanding if you are short on time. You can even access investment strategies for specific cryptos to take your portfolio to the next level.

Lady of Crypto

Crypto Investor + Trader

The thing I love the most about Revelo are insights and breakdowns which enable me to keep track of competitors and innovations without wasting valuable time. Highly recommend 5 stars.

Jae Task


I'm loving using Revelo Intel. The project breakdowns make my job a lot easier. Now, I don't need to comb through old Medium posts, Twitter, and discord chats to find out how a project works. Whoever Drakon has over there does it for me.



Revelo Intel is legit institutional-grade research at a fraction of the price. They are a prime example of how to provide value in the crypto space with both passion and integrity and are a must-have for anyone navigating the defi landscape.


Crypto, Macro Threador

The rate at which new protocols and chains appear is so high that it’s impossible for an individual to keep track of everything. Revelo is one of the very few options that provide in-depth and accurate information about protocols and as a full-time DeFi researcher, I use it on a regular basis.

Crypto Koryo

Data Maxi | Writer

Revelo Intel is my go to platform when researching DeFi projects. It has an incredible amount of high quality information. This is a must-use platform for anyone serious about investing in crypto and learning Web3.

Jake Pahor

Web3 Writer and Threador

I very much appreciate that the primary service of Revelo is highly informative deep dives on existing protocols to fully inform investors. It's an awesome thing to have a one-stop shop for all that information!


CT Threadoooor

I'm in awe of the Revelo Intel team and their ability to make extremely detailed notes on our Edge Podcast in less than 24 hours after a release. Props to them! We didn't ask them to do this (they're just absolute Chads).


Co-Host, The Edge Podcast

Guys, I just would like to thank the team so much for the work you're doing. Each time I'm reading notes from my podcast, each time I'm impressed by the quality of it. This goes to other notes as well ofc. Thanks for what you are doing.


Host of The Optimist Podcast

Revelo helps our team spend less time researching and more time building. The Notes product is especially useful to keep up-to-date on top projects without needing to spend hours finding and attending events.


CEO of Byte Masons