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Detailed Analysis of Project Performance

The Problem

When evaluating crypto projects, there are many important numbers, stats, and metrics to look at. While these individual data points hold significance independently, their true potential lies in their collective interpretation. However, lacking the required background, knowledge, or expertise makes it challenging to prioritize data points and analyze them as a cohesive data set.

The Solution

Our Project Snapshots are a summary of a protocol’s performance over a 30-day period and aim to provide users with context around the activity of the protocols. We will roll out coverage for 12 major protocols that are important across DeFi and will produce a report on each protocol every 30 days.

Our Project Snapshots will evaluate protocol performance (TVL, fees, etc.), metrics such as return on protocol spend, native token performance, return on locked tokens (or equivalent), major governance outcomes and discussions, and other important news affecting the protocol.

We’ll be publishing 1 – 2 Project Snapshots every week.

See Samples of Our Snapshots

Are you ready to better understand and contextualize the activity and financial performance or protocols? Our Snapshots will help get you there. Here are a few samples of our comprehensive Snapshots:

Aave is the leading lending market in DeFi generating fees almost 4 times that of its closest competitor. This report takes a look at the performance of Aave over the 31-day period from May 10 to June 9.

Here’s how Aave performed.

Curve is DeFi’s 2nd largest DEX in terms of TVL with $3.79bn of deposits and accounts for 5.72% of total volume. This report takes a look at the performance of Curve Finance over 31 days from May 22 to June 21.

Here’s how Curve performed.

Lido is the leading liquid staking protocol on Ethereum, being the most widely used protocol for staking $ETH. This report takes a look at the performance of Lido over 31 days from May 14 to June 13.

Here’s how Lido performed.

To see more samples of our Snapshots, head to our resource page.