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Concise, Contextualized Summaries of Crypto Content

The Problem

Every day vast amounts of new crypto information is released across podcasts, videos, interviews, AMA’s and other events. It’s impossible to consume all that content, sift through the bias, filter through low value information and ultimately extract, distil & absorb the key points. 

Think about it:

  • Have you ever sat through a 1-hour long AMA just to extract the 3 or 4 points that were actually important?
  • Have you ever forced yourself to listen to a podcast at 2x speed, only to end up not absorbing anything?
  • How many videos do you have saved in your queue that you will never actually watch?

What if you could consume and absorb 10x the information in less time?

The Solution

Our team of crypto-native analysts cover over 230 entities – Chains, Projects, People Shows & Organisations – across the entire crypto ecosystem. 

Each analyst is assigned a portfolio of entities to follow and cover. We consume every piece of long form audio and video content those entities publish, including presentations, AMAs, town halls &  interviews. We then create detailed but concise notes on the most important points that were made, including explanations and context where appropriate.

We do this without any editorial bias or opinion. Our work is to simply to take what was said, extract the material information, and then distil into Notes, which help you absorb and retain more information while also saving you time.

We found that 1 hour of raw material is typically distilled into 4 – 5 minutes of text. Our benchmark for quality is that whether you consume the raw material or one of our Notes, you end up with the same level of information but with a deeper understanding because of the context and explanations we provide.

We’ll be publishing 12+ Notes every DAY with 1100+ already live on the platform.

Think about how much time this will save you, how much extra information you will absorb, and ultimately how many more opportunities will come your way.

Consume 10x the Information in the Same Time


  • Covering 230+ entities across crypto (see entire list)
  • 12+ new Notes published every day
  • Create a custom news feed by following your interests
  • Get email notifications when new Notes are released
  • All Notes published in both text & audio formats
  • Fast turnaround time (6 – 48 hours)
  • Explore by Chains, Projects, People, Shows and Topics


  • All Notes collected in one place
  • Save time and never miss an update
  • Detailed, concise, and unbiased summaries
  • Expand the scope of what you follow
  • Widen your universe of opportunity
  • Tools to help you explore & learn

Projects Looking for Coverage

Are you a Project interested in being covered by our team and included on our platform? We’d love to hear from you.

We are very selective about what projects we elect to cover. As such, you have to apply for coverage and our team will take a look.  If you are interested in this opportunity to be covered by us, please fill out our questionnaire.