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Actionable Reports From Our Analyst Team

The Problem

Whether it’s investing in crypto or real-world assets, long-term success is a matter of proper work, process, and diligence. However, given the volatility of the crypto space and the pace at which it moves, access to quality information and analysis is the difference between making money and not.

The Solution

Our reports will focus on executing a research process that all users can execute on their own while providing a detailed analysis of our thought process and the information we use to reach certain conclusions. If you want to learn how to identify and analyze the interesting situation you could potentially profit from then you need access to this product.

We’ll be publishing 2 Analyst Insights reports every week.

Our Analyst Insights will include:

  • An overview of the situation
  • Our case as to why we think a particular situation is interesting
  • Data and information supporting the case for both sides 
  • Positive catalysts we think lead to the thesis playing out
  • Negative catalysts that could stall or invalidate the thesis
  • A clear explanation of why we could be wrong and the range of possible outcomes.
  • Discussion around a possible market-neutral trade execution

See Samples of Our Insights

Are you ready to learn how to think like an investor? Our Insights will definitely get you there. Here are a few samples of our Analyst Insights:

Radiant is an omnichain money market that aims to aggregate fragmented liquidity across multiple chains. V2 went live towards the end of March and was followed by Binance listing RDNT on March 30th. 

Here are our thoughts on $RDNT.

Stacks is a smart contract layer for Bitcoin. The key differentiator between Bitcoin and other blockchains like Ethereum is that Bitcoin can’t natively support smart contracts. Stacks presents its own solution.

Here are our thoughts on $STX.

Synapse is a cross-chain bridge that connects blockchains and their unique ecosystems. V2 upgrade introduces the Interchain Network which consists of cross-messaging data and the dedicated Synapse Chain.

Here are our thoughts on $SYN.

To see more sample Insights, head to our resource page.