Daily Intel - Revelo Intel

Stay Up to Date With the Latest News and Events

We live in a world that changes by the day, if not by the minute. Staying informed about crucial news, significant events, and the latest happenings is essential for keeping a step ahead. Being well-informed allows us to anticipate trends, adapt to new situations, and be proactive in a world that never stands still.

Every day, our dedicated team sifts through the latest happenings, curating the most vital information into concise, 2-minute reads. This ensures that you’re always in the know, ready to adapt and anticipate trends with ease.

Daily Intel (Discord Only) will include:

  • News Events – key 24-hour developments in crypto, including major industry announcements and updates.
  • Project Updates – important announcements, changes, and upgrades related to blockchains and protocols.
  • Raises – highlights of successful funding rounds and capital investments in the crypto world.
  • Alpha From The Trace – summaries of notable token inflows and outflows in the crypto market.
  • Observations – tracking of notable smart money movements in the crypto space.
  • Market Update – quick overview of market trends, spotlighting top gainers and losers over 24 hours.