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We analyze important metrics and prepare 30-day financial reports. Our Snapshots give you context around a protocol’s activity.

Aave has historically been the largest money market in crypto. Its decentralized borrow-lending peer-to-pool model has proven to be the most capital-efficient way for DeFi users to earn interest on their deposits, or to gain immediate access to an asset’s liquidity.

Curve is the largest DEX by TVL and is also predominant in trading volume alongside Uniswap and Sushiswap. Its most pioneering and popular feature is the Stableswap AMM, which consists of a series of pools that provide better trading execution for like-priced and correlated assets.

Lido is a non-custodial liquid Staking protocol. Users deposit funds into the protocol and receive a return on their investment in the form of Staking rewards. By issuing an LSD, or Liquid Staking Derivative, users can stake their tokens without having to lock assets or maintain Staking infrastructure.

PancakeSwap is the leading decentralized exchange on Binance Smart Chain, with both the highest total value locked and trading volume on the network. 

Pendle is a yield-trading protocol that allows users to execute yield management strategies to increase or decrease exposure to sources of yield. By creating a market for DeFi yield, Pendle enables users to long assets at a discount, hedge against yield downturns, or fix yield rates for stable growth among other strategies.

Retro Finance is a friendly fork of Thena on Polygon. The protocol is a decentralized exchange (DEX) and Automated Market Maker (AMM) that introduces ve(3, 3) tokenomics to serve as a liquidity incentivization and revenue generation solution for protocols operating on the Polygon network.