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October 19: New deployed and finalized $sFRAX contract for migration

October 13: Monthly Report 32

October 12: Frax v3 sFrax available

September 23: Soft launch for frxGov with only Fraxlend Comptroller

September 13: Monthly Report 31

August 27: Curve Finance enables $sfrxeth as collateral for $crvUSD.

August 6: Cream Finance lists FRAX as an option to supply and borrow.

July 21: Sommelier Finance launches Fraximal Strategy.

July 15: $FXS listed on Huobi.

July 12: Partnership with Velocimeter.

July 6: $FXS listed on OKX Exchange.

June 27: $ARB enabled as borrow in Fraxlend.

June 16: Partnership with Swell Network.

June 14: Partnership with Resonate.

June 3: frxETH v2 information published.

May 26: Introduction of frxGov.

May 13: Integration with Hourglass.

May 4: $frxETH will be used as the initial collateral available to back $crvUSD.

April 27: Partnership with Adamant Vault.

April 11: Frax Education Incentives Program announced.

April 4: Integration with Alchemix.

March 25: Partnership with Arbitrum Exchange.

March 24: Frax receives 515,081 ARB tokens from the Arbitrum Foundation as part of the airdrop program.

March 20: Convex Finance adds support for FPIS in its locking/staking mechanism toolbox.

March 2: Partnership with Ramses Exchange.

February 21: veFPIS launched.

February 12: Launch of newly designed pairs on Fraxlend.

February 7: Eden Network announced validation partnership with Frax.

February 1: FXS Fraxferries enabled for:

January 21: FXS listed on BitForex.

January 13: Metronome integrated FRAX and vaFRAX as collateral assets.

January 20: 

FXS perps listed on Binance Futures.


December: FraxFerry launched.

October 13: FrxETH and sFrx ETH liquid staking derivative announced.

September 9: FraxLend goes live on Ethereum.

August 15: FPIS available to borrow or use as collateral on Euler Finance.

May 31: Velodrome adds FRAX and FXS for trading on day 1 of launch on Optimism.

May 14: FraxSwap TWAMM migrated to post-audit code.

April 10: FPI (Frax Price Index) and FPIS (Frax Price Index Share) are live.

March 29: FRAX and FXS live on Gemini.

March 24: FTX lists FXS spot and perpetual futures.

February 25: CVX and FRAX rewards live for Convex Finance FXS pools.

February 23: FRAX and FXS are live on Solidly exchange.

February 15: FRAX deployed to Evmos Cosmos EVM chain.

January 25: New gauge controller contract deployed to optimize math and gas savings.

January 7: 100% of FXS holding wallets in profit.

January 6: FPI announced.

January 5: Partnership with TraderJoe.

January 4: Partnership with Qi DAO.


November 29: FRAX added to GMX’s GLP liquidity pool index.

November 9: FRAX lending live on Fantom and Arbitrum on Hundred Finance.

October 18: SushiSwap bridge goes live.

September 21: FXS – USDT pair added to Bittrex.

September 9: Vote to bring FRAX to Aave passes.

September 7: Partnership with Enya to bring Frax to Boba Network.

August 30: Partnership with Pangolin to list FRAX-AVAX and FXS-AVAX pairs to boost liquidity on Avalanche.

August 20: Frax upgrades oracle mechanism to Chainlink to secure FRAX stablecoin minting and redeeming, and maintain peg.

August 11: FXS – USDC pair live on

July 26: FRAX added to Orion Savers.

July 21: FRAX partners with Harmony One to launch FRAX, FXS, and AMOs on Harmony ecosystem.

July 17: FRAX Uniswap V3 contract is deployed, migration from V2 to V3 pools goes live.

July 16: veFXS gauges announced.

July 14: Saber Finance adds FRAX pool, first FRAX pool on Solana.

July 13: FRAX pool becomes 5th biggest pool on Convex Finance.

June 30: FRAX added to Sadde Finance’s decentralized stablecoin pool, along with alUSD by Alchemix, LUSD by Liquity, and FEI by Fei Protocol.

May 27: Frax begins building on Polygon.

May 23: veFXS contract V2 implemented.

May 15: veFXS implemented.

April 15: Frax Curve pool added.

April 8: FRAX and FXS deployed on BSC.

March 21: Frax Curve AMO added. 

March 10: Frax V2 announced.

March 8: FRAX deployed on Avalanche.

January 22: FRAX onboarded to Sushiswap.

January: 100m FRAX tokens minted at 85% collateral ratio.


December 1: Protocol launched on Ethereum Mainnet.

November 26Testnet version was released for early users to report bugs.