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August 23: Binance Lab Funds investment announced.

August 23: Pendle integrates its first Real World Assets (RWA).

August 23: 3 Pendle pools are impacted by Balancer’s emergency measures.

August 18: Pendle Earn integrated on OKX Wallet.

August 14: $PENDLE/wstETH pool live on Velodrome.

August 11: Timeswap Labs integrates $PT-GLP.

August 8: Vendor Finance integrates $PT-wstETH.

August 1: Season 1 of Pendle Campaign launches.

July 26: ETHx by Stader Labs joins Pendle.

July 25: Pendle is a recipient of the Mantle Ecosystem grant.

July 19: 2 new pools are live.

July 18: Pendle Earn introduced.

July 13: 2 new pools are live.

July 5: Pendle goes live on BNB Chain and Thena.

July 3: $PENDLE is listed on Binance, Bybit, BTSE, Huobi, Bitpand, and KuCoin.

April 27: vePENDLE receives a major upgrade.

April 22: Pendle docs are updated.

April 6: sfrxETH added.

April 5: PENDLE incentives to Aura pools removed due to concerns.

March 30: 3 new pools introduced.

March 30: 1-click liquidity migration feature introduced.

March 28: PENDLE is listed in Poloniex.

March 10:  The first iteration of the analytics board is released.

March 3:  Pendle introduces cross-chain veTokenomics in partnership with LayerZero.

March 2:  Pendle integrates GMX’s GLP into its pools.

February 14:  Pendle expands to Arbitrum, L2 chain, partnering with CamelotDEX.

January 19:  Users can now buy discounted assets with FIAT using Coinbase Pay.

January 18:  vePENDLE holders can claim their rewards in USDC.


December 19:  Pendle integrates ChainLink Automation on mainnet.

December 13:  Pendle releases Apecoin compounder.

November 29:  Pendle V2 details released.

November 26:  Pendle V2 details released.

November 24:  Pendle V2 details released along with its whitepaper.

March 1:  Article on Project Permissionless (PP) released.

February 23:  Pendle partners with [Redacted] Cartel.

February 22:  Seasonal update on emissions published.

February 4:  Pendle partners with BenQI for treasury management.


December 14:  Pendle partners with Wonderland.

August 18:  Article on (Pe, P) introduced.

June 14  Mainnet announcement.

April 20: Liquidity bootstrapping event.

April 20:  Article on tokenomics released.

April 16:  $3.7m raise in a private round led by Mechanism Capital announced.

March 20: Pendle Testnet launched.

March 16: First medium article to introduce Pendle published.

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