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Unstoppable DeFi


October 30: Closed early access for mobile app launches

October 9: Deep dive into Unstoppable’s Liquidation Engine published

August 9: Spot DEX beta released

July 11: Q2 Transparency Report is published

June 28: Sherlock AUdit contest for the Margin and Spot DEX begins

June 16: CoinTelegraph features on an article 

June 1: Dollar-Cost-Average (DCA) Orders Now Live on Spot-DEX

May 14: Stablecoin support for existing trade pairs enabled.

May 13: Documentations published.

April 28: Spot DEX Alpha introduced.

April 19: Dune Analytics Dashboard launches.

April 8: Q2 roadmap details released in Discord.

April 4: UND token trading goes live.

March 15: Fair Launch Tokensale on March 29 announced.

March 3: Threadors contest announced..

March 1: Referral kickback program announced.

February 12: Fair funding campaign explained.

February 11: Create 2 Earn program introduced.

February 1: Public testnet launch announced.

January 15: Litepaper published.


December 18: AlchemixFi grant approved.

December 14: Unstoppable: DEX introduced.

December 12: Chainlink Automation and Price Feeds integration.

October 24: TriGLP concept introduced.

October 18: Roadmap published.

September 27: GLP Autocompounder released.

September 22: GLP Autocompounder introduced.

September 17: First medium article published, introducing Unstoppable DeFi.