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Trader Joe


November 11$ARB rewards from the STIP are live

October 17Trader Joe Guild Community hits 100k members

October 7Arbitrum’s STIP snapshot proposal

September 19: Live on DeBank

September 7: Partnership with Swell Network

August 29: Joepegs bug bounty program

August 4: Auto-pool farms live

August 4: Ethereum expansion live

August 3: On-chain limit orders

July 20: Expansion to Ethereum announced

July 14: New analytics features introduced.

June 23: Partnership with Timeswap Labs.

June 22: Auto-Pool launches on Binance Smart Chain.

June 15: Partnership with Level Finance.

June 15: Partnership with Savvy DeFi.

June 1: Auto Pools launches.

May 18: Tokenomics Update: veJOE.

April 27: Rebranding of Trader Joe.

April 26: V2.1 fee collector deployed.

April 21: New features for V2.1 Pools.

April 21: Liquidity Book rewards: Epoch 4 begins.

April 18: Liquidity Book V2.1 audit.

April 7: Liquidity Book V2.1 announced.

April 4: Pool Party event to promote the launch of Auto-Pools.

March 21: Liquidity Book rewards: Epoch 3 begins.

March 7: Trader Joe goes live on BNB Chain

February 5: Phase 2 of the Arbitrum Adventures launches.

February 2: Rocket Joe NFTs launches on the Joepegs NFT marketplace.

February 2: Trader Joe Community V2 launches.

January 28: Phase 1 of the Arbitrum Adventures launches.

January 27: Joepeg launches on the Binance smart chain.

January 22: Tokenomics revamp announced:


December 27: Trader Joe goes live on Arbitrum.

December 24: JOE holders can now vote on and propose new Liquidty Book markets.

December 20: New Liquidity Book markets added.

December 1: Trader Joe announces Arbitrum deployment.

November 15/16: Liquidity Book launches Phase 1.

November 10: Banker Joe features are temporarily disabled.

October 12: Liquidity Book testnet goes live.

September 26: Liquidity Quest program launches: users can complete Trader Joe quizzes and marketing tasks for JOE tokens, and other rewards.

August 22: Banker Joe adds USDT and BTC.b markets, at 80% and 75% LTV ratios, respectively. 

July 5: 1 year anniversary of Trader Joe,  announcement of Liquidity Book DEX.

June 30: Team reduces 25%, to 66.5k JOE tokens per day.

June 16: In light of 3AC collapse, the team clarifies that 3AC did not manage the Trader Joe treasury.

June 14: Team reduces JOE emissions.

June 11: Team acknowledged exploit in late 2021.

April 30: Rocket Joe Launch Partner: SteakHut Finance.

April 25: Launch of Joepegs announced.

Q1: Tokenomics v2 fully introduced.

January 31: First Rocket Joe protocol token launch announced.

January 25: Partnership with Keystone hardware wallet announced.

January 18: Strategic partnership with Ferrum Interoperable L1 network announced.

January 16: Partnership with Yeti Finance announced. 

January 15: Rocket Joe launches.


November 16: JOE-USD Chainlink price feed is added.

November 10: Trader Joe integrates with Rome Terminal.

October 27: CREAM protocol is exploited.

October 25: Joe Rush program begins.

October 25: Launch of Community Farm management via The Cultivation Club.

October 20: Banker Joe launches, powered by Chainlink price feeds.

October 9: Launch of Banker Joe Lending announced.

October 3: 7.12% of total JOE supply is unlocked.

September 20: Announce new partnership details with Beefy Finance.

September 2: Trader Joe raises $5m in round led by Defiance Capital, GBC, and Mechanism Capital.

August 23: Double reward farms removed due to vulnerability.

August 1: xJOE single-sided staking announced.

July 14: Announced plans for Grown on Avalanche Program (eventually discontinued).

July 8: Announced addition of Farmers Market.

July 7: Trader Joe announces integration of Chainlink price feeds.

July 3: JOE farms launched, starting token emissions.

June 29: Trader Joe launches on Avalanche.