Solisnek - Revelo Intel



August 20: $SNEK liquidity pulled and emissions stopped

August 3: Development of Solidsnek halted

May 11: Ennead announced their liquid wrapper for $SNEK

May 9: Partnership with veZard

May 1: New system in place for partners to help prevent dilution.

April 26: Partnership with Frax Finance.

April 26: Partnership with QiDao.

April 26: Roadmap announced.

April 26: Integration with Champion Finance.

April 14: The following goes live:

April 14: Integration with ParaSwap.

April 13: SNEK token and airdrop claims goes live.

April 13: Integration with Firebird Finance.

April 11: Lockdrop campaign with Chronos Finance.

April 10: The LP Bootstrapping Event begins.

April 6: A contest to name Guru Network DAO SNEK wrapper is launched.

April 5: A lockdrop for Thena Finance is announced.

April 5: A lockdrop for Ramses Exchange is announced.

April 4: A partnership with GMD Protocol is announced.

April 3: A partnership with Yieldfarming Index is announced.

April 2: The following partnerships are announced.

April 1: The LGE launches and is filled in 4 minutes and 40 seconds.

March 31: A partnership with Byte Masons is announced.

March 28: Details regarding the Liquidity Generation Event (LGE) happening on March 31 is announced.

March 27: A partnership with Granary Finance is announced.

March 24: A partnership with Guru Network DAO is announced.

March 23: A lockdrop for Equalizer Exchange is announced.

March 23: The following partnerships are announced.

March 22: The website goes live and the following partnerships are announced.