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October 19: $RAFT incentives active on Aura Finance via R/sDAI pool

October 11: Wave 1 of the $RAFT airdrop

September 28: New incentivized E-CLP R/sDAI liquidity pool is now live on Gyroscope$R is live on Base chain

September 27: $R is live on Base chain

September 26: $RAFT tokenomics introduced

September 14: V2 interest rate vaults go live

September 4: Raft v2 introduced

August 29: Raft is listed on the Gnosis Safe app.

August 23: Balancer’s critical vulnerability reported.

August 3: Nansen’s custom dashboard.

August 1: Pegkeeper module introduced.

July 31: Integration with HolyHeld.

July 14: One-step leverage goes live.

July 11: Borrowing made more cost-effective.

June 27: $rETH is integrated with Raft.

June 20: $R liquidity pools go live on Maverick Protocol.

June 13: Collateralization requirement adjusted from 110% to 120%.

June 12: Raft shares its progress for its plans for a fully decentralized financial system.

June 9: $R redemption system introduced.

June 5: Raft’s stablecoin, $R, launches.

May 30: Trail of Bits audit published.

May 25: Raft contracts are deployed.

May 24: Raft Grants go live.

May 23: Documentations are updated to include Chinese translations.

May 19: Documentations are updated to include Russian and Ukrainian translations.

May 5: An audit competition with Hats Finance is announced.

May 2: Raft’s first Galxe campaign launches.

April 17: The first integration with Enso Finance is announced.

April 13: Raft publishes a mirror article detailing their governance-minimized approach and decentralized frontends.

April 10: An audit with Trail of Bits is announced.

April 4: Raft explains their unique fee model via a Twitter thread. 

March 30: Crew3 community is launched.

March 27: The website is launched.

March 20: Raft publishes their first mirror article.