Comdex - Revelo Intel



November 16: v13.2.0 upgrade plans announced

September 7: $STRD airdrop for $CMDX stakers

August 25: Incident report on Harbor Protocol’s exploit published

August 19: Harbor Protocol gets exploited

August 2: cSwap V2 introduced.

July 7: $HARBOR emissions announced.

June 30: Oracle error occurs.

June 13: Inaugural hackathon on Dorahacks introduced.

June 3: Partnership with White Whale.

May 22: Roadmap published.

March 10: cSwap, an interchain DEX on Comdex, is introduced.

February 12: HARBOR airdrop to the following stakers.


November 29: HARBOR tokenomics published.

June 17: Commodo, the ecosystem’s decentralized borrowing, and lending platform, is announced.

May 16: Composite, (CMST) a fully collateralized, IBC-enabled interchain stablecoin, is introduced.

May 13: Zenscape is introduced, the official validator arm of Comdex.

April 20: Comdex Academy launched, a space for new & experienced community members alike to come together & learn new skills.

April 6: Community Newsletter with highlights.

March 7: Comdex integrates CosmWasm, a new smart contracting platform built for the Cosmos ecosystem.

February 3: Community Newsletter with highlights.


December 21: Details about the Ambassador program, known as Comdex Cadets, published.

December 5: Weekly highlights.

November 25: Airdrop campaign 2  to LUNA and OSMO holders & stakers.

November 23: Information about validator delegation program published.

November 18: Comdex mainnet launch on November 20 is announced.

October 16: Weekly highlights.

October 13: Comdex publishes details on its token, CMDX, economics and utility.

April 22: Comdex publishes an article regarding their new mission, bridging DeFi to CeFi.


May 28: Comdex publishes a medium article with information on what Comdex is about.


April 25: Comdex publishes its first medium article detailing its commodities trading platform.