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Chronos Finance


October 11: Upcoming updates introduced

September 27: Application for the Arbitrum Short-Term Incentive Programme Grant Application

August 25: Security and transparency enhanced.

July 28: Full release of V2 beta.

July 18: V2 beta launches.

July 2: Chronos’s own fNFT marketplace go live.

June 18: Partnership with Gains network.

June 9: Partnership with Olympus DAO.

June 6: Partnership with Rocket Pool.

June 5: Chronos V2 details published.

May 31: Chronos V2 announced with an initial sneak peak of the upcoming NFT marketplace UI.

May 24: Partnership with Goldbank Finance.

May 19: Integration with Open Ocean.

May 18: Partnership with Jarvis Network.

May 17: Partnership with Angle Protocol.

May 16: Partnership with Beefy Finance.

May 11: Integration with 1inch network.

May 9: Partnership with QiDao Protocol.

May 6: 5% royalty fee on veCHR NFTs trading on secondary markets introduced.

May 3: Lock bonus goes live.

April 30: Partnership with GND Protocol.

April 28: Liquidity is seeded and trading goes live on the exchange.

April 27: Chronos goes live in 2 phases.

April 26: Partnership with Redacted Cartel.

April 26: Immunifi Bug Bounty program launches.

April 25: Partnership with Liquity Protocol.

April 24: Partnership with Plutus DAO.

April 23: Certik Audit finishes.

April 22: Partnership with Arken Finance.

April 21: Partnership with Y2k Finance.

April 20: Partnership with Root Protocol.

April 19: Partnership with Radiant Capital.

April 18: Partnership with ACryptoS.

April 17: Partnership with Poison Finance.

April 15: Partnership with Tangible.

April 14: Partnership with Factor DAO.

April 14: Initial distribution and airdrop details released.

April 13: A lock bonus program with Thena Finance is announced.

April 12: A partnership with Muon Network is announced

April 8: A lock bonus program in collaboration with Equilibre AMM is announced.

April 7: chrNFTs are listed on the Zonic marketplace.

April 7: A partnership with Deus DAO is announced.

April 6: The Time Weaver Campaign is launched.

April 6: A partnership with Impossible Finance is announced.

April 4: A partnership with Inverse Finance is announced.

April 4: A lock bonus program in collaboration with Equalizer Exchange is announced.

April 1: A partnership with Frax Finance is announced.

March 31: A partnership with GMD Protocol is announced.

March 31: chrNFT is removed from OpenSea for unknown reasons. The team proceeds to list it on the WenMoon and TofuNFT.

March 30: chrNFT is listed on OpenSea.

March 30: The whitelisted and public sale for chrNFT completes with all remaining NFTs minted, raising a total of $2.8 million.

March 28: The private sale for chrNFT completes with all 1666 NFTs minted.

March 28: A medium article is released detailing sticky liquidity and Chrono’s maturity based LP system.

March 27: A partnership with Granary Finance is announced.

March 24: A partnership with Liquid Driver is announced.

March 22: A partnership with Impermax Finance is announced.

March 22: The GitBook technical documentation for Chronos goes live.

March 20: A medium article is released detailing the release of chrNFT, Chronos’ NFT collection.

March 17: A partnership with Firebird Finance is announced.

March 16: A partnership with Dyson Money is announced.

March 16: The landing page of the website launches.

March 15: A partnership with Overnight Finance is announced.

March 12: A partnership with Yieldfarming Index is announced.

March 12: The discord server is opened to the public.