Bumper - Project Timeline | Revelo Intel



November 17: Multiple updates

October 26: Smart contract audit report published on Gitbook

October 26: New features released

September 26: Post-launch technical updates

September 24: Integration with blockbank wallet

September 7: Bumper launches on mainnet

September 2: Testnet deployment on Sepolia

August 30: Mainnet launch delayed

August 8: Bumper Prototype released

July 2: Partnership with The Defiant.

May 19: Bumper DAO launched.

May 15: Global Unlock of Bumper’s Legacy Staking Contract.

May 9: Launch date revealed.

February 23: Sitrep #29.

February 20: Bumper Liquidity Mining Program.

February 7: Appointment of Digital MOB.


December 7: Bumper Epochs closure.

August 8: Falkor Beta testers application released.

July 11: Roadmap released.

June 30: Bumper Sitrep #019.

June 17: Crypto Defender launched.

May 5: Bumper: Sitrep #015.

April 23: New Flashpaper released

March 1: Migration of community from Telegram to Discord


December 16: $BUMP token to be listed on Uniswap.

December 9: BUMP staking module alpha released.

December 7: Partnership with Metis.

December 7: Partnership with InsurAce.

December 6: Roadmap introduced.

December 6: Partnership with milestoneBased.

November 30: Public sale date announced.

October 25: Bumper Passes Chainsulting Security Audit.

October 7: Partnership with Panther Protocol.

September 28: Sky Longue announced.

September 10: Bumper Ambassador Program introduced.

July 1: BUMP token explained.

June 28: Liquidity program announced.

May 1: $10m raised from leading VCs.

April 20: March recap.

March 18: $2.5m investment round opened.

March 8: Bumper publishes its first medium article introducing itself.