AAVE - Project Timeline | Revelo Intel



October 19: Users can now switch tokens directly on the app

October 19: $1M bug bounty with Immunefi

October 5: Paraswap smart contract adaptor enabled on Base chain

September 29: Aave Governance V2 to V3 activation plans published

September 23: MetisDAO incentive program goes live on Aave V3

September 5: Debt Switch and Withdraw & Switch introduced

August 22: Aave V3 launches on Base chain

August 12: GSM Code becomes public

July 20: The first GHOAave liquidity pools go live

July 15: GHOAave successfully launched on the Ethereum mainnet

June 21: $stkAAVE upgraded

June 6: Integration with Enyzme Finance.

May 26: AAVE offers hackathon bounties at ETHPrague totalling $10k.

May 9: AAVE v3 lending market goes live on Metis network.

May 4: AAVE V3 deployed on the Scroll Alpha testnet.

April 21: Integration of Balancer’s boosted pools on AAVE v3.

April 13: Dev docs for AAVE v3 published.

April 13: Dev docs for GHO is released for its first hackathon.

March 23: AAVE DAO receives 2,704,175 ARB tokens from the Arbitrum Foundation.

March 18: Rescue Mission Phase 1 Long executed .

March 17: Improved delegation feature shipped.

March 8: AAVE deployed to Sepolia Testnet.

March 3: $GHO Genesis parameters proposal.

February 20: $LUSD enabled on AAVE v3.

February 8: GHO Stablecoin Testnet Launched on Ethereum Goerli Testnet.


August 4: Optimism Liquidity Mining launched.

July 17: Harmony ONE and WONE (wrapped ONE) supply and borrow limits reduced.

March 16: Aave v3 launches.


August: Crosschain governance introduced.

May: Crypto market downturn.

April: Aave surpasses $14B market size.

March: Aave surpasses $6B market size, AMM poll over $60m.


December 3: Aave v2 launches on ETH Mainnet.

October 2: Token migration goes live.

August 13: Aave governance goes live on testnet.

July 9: Token swap from LEND to AAVE announced.

July 7: Credit Delegation implemented.

June 10: Aave reaches $100m market size.

January 8: Aave protocol launches on Ethereum Mainnet, with new features:


October: Aave v1 launches on Kovan testnet.  

Summer: Decentralized Lending Pools (DLPs) concept was introduced.

February 19: ETHLend Baiji launches on ETH Mainnet.   

January 9: Team expands operations to London.

The team continues to rework and design the Aave model.


December: ETHLend Baiji (at this point, a subsidiary powered by Aave) launches on testnet.

September 18: ETHLend rebrands to Aave.