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Get Project Coverage Distributed Directly to Active DeFi Power Users

The Problem

There are now thousands of active protocols, many of which operate across multiple chains. They all compete for the same market share in the form of DeFi power users who have capital at risk.

As a project, how do you find and attract users and get their capital onto your platform?

Twitter, YouTube, and Podcasts are great for getting the word out. However, from a targeting standpoint, it results in a ‘spray and pray’ strategy where a project never knows if they are reaching the right users.

Additionally, everyday, vast amounts of new content like yours is released across the exact same mediums. And unfortunately, it’s impossible for your potential users to consume all this content.

The Solution

Revelo Intel is built for DeFi power users who do their own research, have capital at risk, transact frequently and possess an intellectual curiosity that leads them to try new chains and protocols. Our users pay for our service so we know they are actively looking for opportunities to deploy capital. We have hundreds of paying users in addition to thousands of free users who consume our research and content daily.

As a group, this user base is extremely valuable to any project. No longer do you need to ‘spray and pray’ with hopes of getting in front of your ideal audience.

Our team of crypto-native analysts currently cover over 230 entities – Chains, Projects, People, Shows, Topics, and Organizations – across the entire crypto ecosystem. 

Our analysts consume every piece of long form audio and video content these entities publish, including presentations, AMAs, town halls, and interviews. We then create detailed but concise notes on the most important points that were made and include explanations and context where appropriate.

Our benchmark for quality is that, whether users consume the raw material or our Notes, they end up with the same level of information but with a deeper understanding because of the context and explanations we provide.

We have found that 1 hour of raw material can usually be condensed into 8-10 minutes of useful, informative text. Our value proposition to these users is we help them absorb more information in less time, which creates a world of opportunity for them.

We publish 10+ Notes every DAY with 1300+ already live on our platform.


Get Your Protocol in Front of Active DeFi Power Users

What You Get With Our Coverage

  • A Revelo analyst assigned to cover your project
  • Analyst attends all AMAs, interviews, podcasts, and events related to your project
  • Concise but detailed Notes created and published on our specialized platform.
  • 24-hour turnaround from time of event to ‘Note’ being published
  • Periodic Twitter threads including ‘Notes’ related to your project
  • Periodic inclusion of your ‘Notes’ in our daily newsletter that goes out to 10,000+ people every day
  • Periodic showcase of your “Notes” in our weekly “Weekend Reading” newsletter that goes out to all members (free and paid)

Why You Need Our Coverage

  • Users who are aware of your project can stay up to date in a quick an efficient way
  • Users who are not aware of your project are exposed to it through our explore functionality and our placement of content
  • Exposure across all our media assets (Twitter, Youtube & Newsletters)
  • You achieve and maintain a competitive advantage by remaining top of mind