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XCeption – Migration, Chain Expansion, and Weekly Update

In XCeption’s Twitter Spaces which took place on May 3, 2024, Ser PT and Rio discuss migration, chain expansion, and weekly updates. Read our notes below to learn more.


Update on Migration 

  • Rio says that the live migration for XCeption was a significant achievement, and it was executed smoothly compared to traditional methods. Users received tokens promptly post-migration, with balances updated efficiently through a transfer event.
  • SerPT says that CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap pages have been updated to reflect the current contract, ensuring transparency and accuracy. Reward structures were activated post-migration, including MEV rewards and ecosystem rewards, benefiting active traders and token holders.

Ecosystem Rewards Discussion

  • SerPT says that ecosystem rewards are fueled by token taxes, fees on the router, and a portion of MEV profits distributed among active traders and token holders. Users actively trading on the bot have significant opportunities to earn rewards due to the high number of token holders relative to active traders.
  • He adds that community members are encouraged to share their ecosystem rewards experiences, fostering growth and engagement within the ecosystem. Referral rewards play a vital role in ecosystem growth, incentivizing users to participate and contribute to overall efficiency.

User Engagement and Profit-Making Strategies

  • Xception Speaker says that leveraging “sandwich” trades allowed users to de-risk positions while maintaining token balances, leading to impressive profit margins. Instances of users achieving over 18% de-risking through strategic trades demonstrate the potential for substantial gains.
  • He adds that noteworthy profits, such as $400 from a yield token trade, underscore the lucrative nature of transactions facilitated by MEVs.

Development Team Strength and Roadmap Updates

  • SerPT says that there is an exceptionally skilled development team driving innovation within MEVs. He anticipates updates as developers continuously enhance tools and features to elevate user experience.
  • He adds that the plan for bundling transactions within the ecosystem is in progress to streamline processes further, enhancing transaction efficiency.
  • SerPT says that automated buy bots exhibit widespread reach across various projects, indicating exponential growth potential within the community.
  • He adds that the team has been expanding to various chains, moving from Ethereum mainnet to Base, then Blast.

Partnerships and Ecosystem Growth

  • Rio says that they are partnering with valuable projects like TTF Bot, aiming for positive contributions to space growth.
  • Ser PT says that they announced a $15,000 buyback of ecosystem rewards tokens as a supportive measure towards community members.

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