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Retro Finance


November 9: Blueprint, a fork of Zero, introduced as a partner

November 2: Horiza, a fork of Retro and Zero, introduced as a partner

October 20: Lynex will be airdropping $veLYNX to selected Retro users

October 6: Single deposit vaults by Ichi Foundation

September 26: A new voting page introduced

September 20: Automated veNFT management introduced

September 13: $liveRETRO launches

August 24: Bribe veRETRO ($bveRETRO) introduced

August 23: Balancer critical vulnerability affects Retro

August 17: Crosschain zap introduced

August 16: ve(3,3) Voter Tool beta dashboard introduced

August 12: Integration with 1inch.

August 4: VeNFTs are tradeable on PaintSwap.

August 1: oRETRO emissions boosts by Merkl.

July 31: RETRO-ARCADE introduced.

July 27: Launch information published.

July 16: $CASH v2 introduced.

June 21: $CASH integrated into Retro.

June 8: Migration and veToken airdrop details released.

June 5: veRETRO to be airdropped to veTHE holders.

April 20: Retro Finance was introduced in a Medium article.

April 18: Satin’s post mortem article.

March 27: Satin Exchange launches.