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November 8: Lido launches on Base

October 17: Solana sunsetting plan published

October 16: Post-mortem on slashings published

October 12: 20 slashings occur

September 20: Lido Community Staking Podcast introduced

September 14: Partnership with Neutron

August 4: Additions to Ethereum Node Operator Set – Wave 5 (Stage 1)

July 18: OKX lists $stETH.

July 17: LEGO report for Q2-3 published.

July 1: Lido’s $stMATIC is available on Coinbase Wallet.

June 29: Collaboration with Pyth Network.

June 16: $stETH enabled for Synthetix Perp trading.

June 4: $wstETH enabled for Curve Finance’s $crvUSD.

May 15: V2 upgrade and Ethereum withdrawals goes live.

May 12: Aragon vote to implement Lido on Ethereum V2 upgrade goes live.

March 29: Lido support on Polkadot and Kusama to be discontinued on August 1 2023.

March 24: Plans for adoption of wstETH on Optimisn Chain announced.

March 10: wstETH is enabled on Polygon Chain.

March 9: Snapshot for the approval of the design for the Lido V2 upgrade passes.

February 7: Introducing Lido V2.

The two main focal points of this upgrade are:

January 6: stETH SSOVs (Single Staking Option Vaults) are now live on Dopex.

January 2: 


December 24: Pilot DVT integration with Obol Network to further increase protection from single points of failure.

December 21: Upgrade of Lido on Solana to v2 live.


December 20: Snapshot vote regarding v2 of Lido’s stance on Ethereum MEV: the Lido on Ethereum Block Proposer Rewards Policy 2.0 commences.


December 15: Introducing VaNOM – Validator & Node Operator metrics, for Lido on Ethereum.


December 8: Proposal to add wstETH on Aave Optimism commenced.


December 2: Lido supported on Swissborg.


November 22: First Lido node operator community call.


November 17: LDO on Ethereum listed on Coinbase, withdrawals and deposits supported.


November 13: Vote #143 increasing the security check threshold for daily rewards has passed & has been enacted, followed by the successful Oracle report.


November 9: Due to higher-than-expected EL rewards Lido has bumped into the conservative security check limits for maximal possible stETH rebase. 

November 3: All Lido on Solana validators are running smoothly and any previously on Hetzner have been migrated.

October  26: 

October  21: New set of dashboards to track statistics related to Lido Node Operator mainnet block proposals and MEV extraction.

October  19: 

October  7: Lido goes live on L2s – Arbitrum One and Optimism.

October  6: Proposal to optimize LEGO budget for Q4’22 commenced.

October  5: Lido LEGO Q3’22 report.

October  3: Lido on Solana integrated with Trust Wallet and Coinbase Wallet.

September 26: Proposal to include changes to Lido on Solana to better align with Solana community and create a sustainable, high-performance validator set for Solana commenced.

September 22: Two new Solana Node Operators onboarded – H2O Nodes and Kukis Global.

September 19: stMATIC goes live on Aave.

September 12: Proposal to enable wstETH to Arbitrum and Optimism passed.

September 6: Proposal to deploy a cross-chain implementation of Lido on Neutron to provide liquid staking to the Cosmos ecosystem.

August 17: Lido released a blog article on what the Merge means for Lido and stETH.

August 16: Update on Lido’s L2 Plans.

August 12: Lido integrated with three more wallets –, Exodus, and Ambire Wallet.

August 11: Lido announces that all Lido Node Operators have successfully merged as part of Goerli Testnet.

August 5: Updated proposal for treasury diversification involving DragonFly passed.

August 3: Release of Lido Node Operator Portal to consolidate all information and resources related to being a Lido Node Operator.

July 27: Proposal for treasury diversification commenced.

July 18: Lido announces that stETH is launching on Layer 2.

July 15: Second stage of Lido on Polkadot launched, includes:

June 27

June 24: 

June 22: Lido announces the expansion of Lido Node Operator Set on Ethereum

June 21: LDO listed on Huobi.

June 11: Proposal to introduce change to Lido’s governance mechanism commenced.

May 31: Lido goes live on Polkadot with stDOT.

May 30: currently not functional due to network instabilities on Terra Classic, and users are asked to refrain from interacting with UI until issues are resolved. 

May 25: 

May 24: Proposal to support Terra v2 commenced.

May 17: LDO listed on

May 11: Update on bETH/Terra that it is theoretically possible to halt the network and freeze assets in an elaborate economic attack.

May 9: LDO listed on Binance.

May 6: LDO listed on Kraken.

May 4: stSOL goes live on Steakwallet (Now Omni).

April 14: 

April 13: Lido Terra bug bounty with Immunefi goes live. 

April 7: DeFiSaver partners with Lido to activate 2,500 LDO reward programs for users who open a new Maker vault with wstETH.

April 6: Initial $1m deposit cap on stMATIC removed. Any amount of MATIC allowed for staking.

March 29: stLUNA goes live on Edge Protocol.

March 15: steCRV vaults live. st/ETH/ETH Curve LP tokens can be used as collateral in MakerDAO and earn LDO rewards from doing it.

March 14: stSOL goes live on Port Finance.

March 4: a16z joins Lido DAO.

March 2: Lido expands to Polygon with stMATIC. 

February 28: stETH live as collateral on Aave.

February 21: Relaunched vote for Lido to expand to Avalanche.

February 19: Lido goes live in Kusama.

February 8: Proposal to allocate Lido treasury assets worth up to 600 ETH to develop Uniswap V3 wstETH-wETH pair passed.

February 3: 

January 29: wstETH, stSOL and stLUNA goes live on Astroport.

January 26: 

January 25: Proposal for Lido to expand into Avalanche commences.

January 18: stSOL goes live on Aldrin Exchange.

January 17: Lido supported on MathWallet.

January 15: Proposal to continue LEGO for Q1 2022 passed.

January 14: stSOL pools live on Raydium.

January 8: Proposal to join the Flashbots Eth2 Working Group passed.

January 6: stSOL Covered Call vault goes live on Katana.

January 5: 

January 4: Lido launches dashboard for SOL integrations. 


December 31: Referral program live on Solana.

December 30: stSol goes live on Francium.

December 29: Lido year-end recap.

December 9: Proposal to raise wstETH debt ceiling on MakerDAO from 50M to 200M passed.

November 29: Lido reports its first node and validator metrics report.

November 24: Covered calls on stETH go live on Ribbon Finance.

November 17: Bybit lists stETH.

November 16: Proposal to raise wstETH debt ceiling on MakerDAO from 5M to 50M passed.

November 9: Lido hits $10B in TVL.

November 1: stETH successfully integrated as collateral asset on MakerDAO.

October 27: Lido DAO Protocol Upgrade includes:

October 26: FTX lists stETH and stSOL.

October 15: Governance poll to add stETH to MakerDAO passed.

October 12: Lido integrates with Coin98.

October 8: Lido partners with MyEtherWallet for liquid staking for Android users.

October 5: Critical vulnerability was reported to Lido bug bounty program. Response update here.

Sep 30: Updated proposal to list stETH on Aave as collateral.

Sep 17: Coinbase custody supports deposits and withdrawals for LDO.

Sep 16: Proposal to allocate 800,000 LDO as LP rewards to bootstrap stSOL liquidity across Solana DEXes passed.

Sep 9: Liquid staking live on Solana.

Aug 20: Omnibus vote is live. Topics include, funding Balancer LP rewards, Pay-out of Lido referral rewards, Funding LeDpunK DAO initiative, and enhancing max number of validators.

Aug 18: Proposal has been shared to bring MATIC liquid staking to Polygon. Vote is live.

Aug 16: Launched wETH/wstETH metastable pool on Balancer. Pool is co-incentivised with LDO and BAL.

Aug 14: 

Aug 10 

Aug 6: Proposal has been shared for an expansion of the Lido staking ecosystem with liquid staking for Polkadot and Kusama.

Aug 02:  Proposal to list bETH (wrapped stETH on Terra) as collateral to Anchor Protocol has been submitted.

Jul 20: Lido Referral Program is introduced.

Jul 17: First staking deposit using newly generated smart contract withdrawal credentials has been submitted successfully.

Jul 16: Proposal by Shard Labs for the development of liquid staking on Polygon submitted.

Jul 15: Lido DAO has passed and enacted a vote for the upgrading of our ETH withdrawal credentials.

Jul 13: stETH goes live on Bancor.

Jul 9: Vote #76 to continue rewards for Curve LP with 3.75M LDO for the next 30 days is live.

Jul 5: Fei Protocol passed a proposal to stake 10,000 ETH with Lido.

Jun 24: Proposal for the diversification of stETH liquidity pools to grow asset productivity and integrations across the Ethereum DeFi space submitted.

Jun 21: Inverse Finance supports stETH as collateral.

Jun 17: Proposal to launch Lido referral program commenced.

Jun 14: Proposal to add stETH on Inverse Finance’s Anchor.

June 8: Proposal to continue LDO rewards for Curve LP for the next 30 days commenced.

Jun 3: Proposal by Delphi Digital for liquid staking on Aave.

May 31: Lido Open DeFi Hackathon round up.

May 22: Lido collaborates with Immunefi on a bug bounty program.

May 17: Snapshot for whitelisting LDO with co-investment of 750k BNT from Banco live.

May 14: Vote #77. Proposal to allocate 0.375% of LDO to incentivize Curve LP passed.

May 13: Omnibus vote to continue Curve LP rewards + increase Blockscape key limit to 1,000 commenced. Proposal can be found here.

May 10: Follow-up proposal and risk assessment by ParaFi Capital to onboard stETH as collateral on Aave.

May 9: Lido hits $2b+ in TVL.

May 7: Snapshot for Chorus One’s Solana proposal to Lido DAO live.

April 30: Proposal by Chorus One team for the development of a Lido-operated liquid staking protocol on the Solana blockchain commenced.

April 16: Proposal #56 passed to extend incentives on Curve for 4 weeks, ending on May 15.

April 13: Lido hits $1B in TVL.

April 8: Launch of Lido Ecosystem Grant

April 3: Proposal to sell 10% of LDO tokens to Paradigm and other strategic partners, directly from Lido DAO’s treasury, to further Lido’s stETH as the leading liquid staking solution for Ethereum commenced.

March 25: LDO/ETH pair live on Deversifi (now RhinoFi).

March 17: Liquid staking is introduced on Terra chain with Anchor Protocol.

March 10: Vote #43 passed to extend rewards for stETH/ETH LPs on Curve until April 12. 5M LDO will be distributed to liquidity providers.

March 9: stETH live on ARCx. Users can provide stETH as collateral to mint STABLEx.

March 8: Proposal by ParaFi Capital to add stETH as collateral on Compound Finance commenced.

March 4:

February 23: Lido purchases slashing cover for 196,749.85 sETH from Unslashed Finance.

February 12: Vote #28 to distribute 0.5% (5M) LDO within the next 30 days to Curve stETH liquidity providers passed.

February 9: Proposal passed to onboard stETH as collateral for MakerDAO.

February 4: Lido DAO Treasury Fund Overview

February 1: Blog article of Mechanics of stETH

January 25: LDO onboarded to Sushiswap.

January 21: Trademark usage issue of stETH.

January 18: Proposal to add stETH to Aave, allowing users to lend and borrow against stETH. 

January 10: Vote #28 commences,  proposing to distribute 0.5% (5M) LDO within the next 30 days to Curve stETH liquidity providers, proportionally to the provided liquidity.

January 9: Lido staking integrated with Argent wallet.

January 7: Lido staking rewards are live.

January 6: LDO token goes live.

January 5:


December 29: 

December 28: Lido goes live, staking goes live.

December 13-16: Lido Withdrawal Key Generation Ceremony.

November 26: Lido Testnet Launch on Goerli testnet.

October  2020: Discord is open and the first blog post introducing Lido was released: