Kujira - Revelo Intel



October 6: A technical deep-dive on GHOST published

September 27: The Senate is wound up

September 13: Metamask now supported within all Kujira apps

August 26: Transition to Camelot v3 LPs announced

August 3: Kujira Liquidity Campain announced

July 12: Partnership with Nolus Protocol

June 13: SonarWallet available for public beta for iOS users

May 3: Migaloo Zone is integrated into POD

April 20: Ghost soft launches

April 18: HummingBot strategies to be launched on FIN

April 13: Official Statement regarding Local Money released

April 6: Blend Protocol to be launched on Kujira soon

April 4: .Weekly round up medium.

March 25: SonarWallet details released

March 23: Kujira mainnet runs Alliance 0.1.0

March 21: Weekly round up medium

March 13: Details for a platform for creating stables released

February 28: WHALE token trading goes live on FIN.

February 21: The wETH USK Margin contract on Kujira experiences an exploit.

February 16: The draft of the Senate Constitution is published.January 29: The KUJI token is added to TradingView.

January 28: The KUJI and USK tokens are made bridgeable to the Ethereum network with the integration of Gravity Bridge.

January 23: USK can be minted via Paxos Global.

January 18: The vote for the final 9 senators begins.


December 2: BOW launches on Kujira mainnet.

October 24: BOW is announced

August 25: MEXC Global lists KUJI September 12: ORCA and USK goes live.

August 17: Kujira price oracle goes live on mainnet.

August 8: Kujira USK is announced

July 1: Kujira mainet goes live.

June 17: FIN goes live on testnet.

June 14: sKUJI is confirmed to not exist on Kujira Chain. 

June 13: Kujira incentivized testnet staking beings with over 620 validators.

June 1: Private testnet launches with 76 validators.

May 27: The old KUJI token is delisted from MEXC Global.

May 22: Kujira Discord launched.

May 7-12: UST (algo stablecoin of Terra ecosystem) depegs and LUNA (Terra blockchain native token, part of the UST peg mechanism) death spiral begins. Terra blockchain halts to disable further delegations to prevent a takeover.May 13: The Terra network is shortly reenabled and a snapshot is taken at 1:58 AM UTC of all KUJI/sKUJI holders, stakers, unstakers, vesters and LP’ers. Network halts shortly after.

April 30: Kujira Reddit is launched.

March 3: Cross-chain ORCA on Acala (DeFi of polkadot chain) and Karura (DeFi hub of Kusama network) announced.

March 1: sKUJI goes live.

February 20: sKUJI is introduced and governance migration begins.

February 10: KUJI 3rd governance poll is passed.

January 18: KUJI 2nd governance poll is passed.


December 17: KUJI is listed on MEXC.

December 3: KUJI staking and governance goes live.

November 30: BELUGA goes live.

November 24: BELUGA announced.

November 19: BLUE goes live, token generation event begins, and KUJI is listed on TerraSwap.

November 17: Early Bird whitelist Sale begins.

November 12: KUJI IDO sale completes with $10.5 million raised.

November 6: ORCA goes live.

November 3: Kujira IDO announcement on StarTerra (IDO platform on Terra).

October 26: ORCA launches for deposits.

October 21: Kujira Litepaper released.

October 17: Early bird public sale whitelist for early Telegram supports.

September 30: Kujira dApp goes live.