Dopex - Project Timeline | Revelo Intel



August 22: rDPX v2 Code4rena Audit launches.

August 14: Dopex SSOVs new UI beta launches.

August 3: Dopex Rewards Board launched.

August 2: Dopex uses Hashmail for Support.

July 28: Diamond Grants introduced.

July 21: Dopex joins CamelotDEX’s Round Table.

June 28: Partnership with Unibot.

June 23: $1m of the stablecoin treasury is diversified into Liquity Protocol’s $LUSD.

June 7: Restructing to SSOVs incentives program.

June 5: Q2-Q3 2023 roadmap published.

May 30: Option Scalps V2 launched.

May 22: Call Options As Incentives service is launched.

May 18: A community-wide bug bounty program is launched.

May 16: Rabby Wallet support is added.

May 15: A front-end registry is launched.

May 11: $ARB 0dte (Zero Day to Expiry) options launch.

May 10: The 0-day-to-hunt-a Dopex Bounty Campaign bounty launches.

May 2: 0dte (Zero Day to Expiry) options launches.

April 25: Dopex receives 3,863,106 ARB token from the Arbitrum foundation airdrop.

April 14: Official Dune Dashboard goes live.

March 31: Trading competition involving the newest product, Option Scalps.

March 25: Documents reworked.

March 14: LP farm migration to Sushi Earn platform.

March 1: DPX is listed on KuCoin Exchange.

February 28: DPX is listed on Bybit Exchange and Bitget Exchange.

February 3: Dopex launches on Polygon.

January 31: Dopex’s front end is updated.

January 15: OLP (option liquidity pools) is introduced.


September 13: Dopex upgrades to Chainlink Price Feeds on Arbitrum Mainnet.

September 9: The Bridgoors bonding program is introduced.

August 21: Atlantic straddles can be used with rDPX as an underlying vault asset.

August 6: Atlantic Straddles are introduced.

July 27: DPX is available on SushiXSwap.

June 21: veDPX (vote-escrowed) is introduced.

May 8: Diamond Pepe NFT mint Gen 2 mint details released.

April 12: SSOV 3 upgrade details released.

April 12: Partnership with Vesta Finance announced.

April 7: Dopex OTC Platform is introduced.

April 4:  Dopex announces the METIS Single-Staking Options Vault on Metis Andromeda Layer 2 Rollup Platform.

March 25:  TZWAP – the Time-Weighted Average Price feature is introduced.

February 20:  Diamond Pepe NFT mint announced.

February 17:  SSOV-P – Single Staking Put Option Vaults are launched.

February 5:  The Chinese community is launched.

February 1:  Dopex announces the AVAX Single-Staking Options Vault on Avalanche C-Chain.

January 12:  Dopex announces the GMX Single-Staking Options Vault on Arbitrum.

January 12:  Dopex lists Binance Coin (BNB) and will open a BNB Single-Staking Options Vault on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

January 2:  [REDACTED] option vaults are introduced.

January 2:  Dopex NFTs are introduced.


October 10:  Dopex Farms are officially migrated to Arbiturm Mainnet.

September 8:  Dopex Single Staking Option Vaults (SSOVs) launched on the Dopex Testnet.

May 4:  The first blog post introducing Dopex is published.