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October 20: The Compound Digest

September 19: Phase 1 to deprecate Compound v2 enacted

September 8: Native $USDC market goes live on Arbitrum

September 8: Compound launches on Base

July 7: Encumber introduced

July 1: Compound’s new website introduced

May 23: Compound launches on Arbitrum

March 16: Permanent shutdown of v2 REST API announced

March 11: Compound pauses its v2 vaults due to USDC depeg. 

7 March: Compound V3 is deployed on Polygon. Users can use WBTC, WETH, and MATIC as collateral to borrow USDC.

1 February: Compound 3 ETH Market is Live.


8 December: Compound Extensions are introduced.

14 September: Borrowing for Institutions is enabled.

30 August: Compound 3 goes live.

26 August: Compound 3 proposal is initialized with 100% votes on For.

19 August: Compound 3 proposal put up for voting.
August: Proposal for Compound 3 published and put up for discussion.

9 May: Compound Treasury receives a B- credit rating from S&P Global Ratings.

29 June: Compound Treasury is announced.

2 March: Gateway, a prototype based on the Compound Chain Whitepaper, is announced.


18 December: Whitepaper for Compound Chain is released.

28 May: Compound governance is expanded.

16 April: Compound governance goes live.

27 February: Compound governance token (COMP) introduced.


28 November: Multi-Collateral DAI added to the Compound protocol.


19 August: Support for Multi-Collateral DAI plans published.

19 August: Upgrade to governance ability, Protocol v2.2 .

19 August: Open Price Feed (OPF) is announced.

23 May: Compound v2 goes live on Ethereum mainnet

16 April: Compound v2 testnet launches.

19 March: Compound v2 plans released, changes include:


1 December: DAI stablecoin is added to the protocol.

27 September: Compound launches its money market protocol on the Ethereum blockchain.

11 August: Compound announces Fund Partners.

17 May: Compound announces its Seed funding.

31 January: Robert Leshner, founder of Compound, publishes the first blog article.