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The Optimist Twitter Spaces – Ancient8

In The Optimist’s Twitter Spaces which took place on April 24, 2024, Subli hosted Zane from Ancient8 to discuss Ancient8, its evolution, ecosystem, Superchain integration, prospects, and more! Read our notes below to learn more.


Subli (Host) – Founder of the Optimistic Podcast

Zane (Guest) – Core Contributor at Ancient8

Ancient8 – The Super Gaming Chain on Optimism Superchain

Exploring Ancient8: Evolution and Impact in the Blockchain Gaming Sector

  • Subli talks about Ancient8, a gaming chain part of the Optimism Superchain, live on the mandate for one month with impressive metrics, primarily popular in the Far East and Thailand.
  • Zane explains the origin of Ancient8, starting as a gaming community in late 2021, initially focusing on educating about Web3 gaming and acquiring game assets for their community, and highlights their funding success.
  • Zane describes the evolution of their business from a pure gaming guild to developing software tools for games to acquire users and monetize, mentioning their products like the UA engine and an in-game SDK.
  • Zane details the genesis of the Ancient8 Chain, which is aimed to consolidate their ecosystem of products and player base into one platform, choosing Optimism Stack over other options for its benefits.
  • Zane outlines the three main focuses of the Ancient8 Chain: serving as a growth layer for the gaming space, compatibility with Optimism Stack chains for sharing resources and building a committed ecosystem with gaming studios.
  • Subli asks why, despite previous momentum in blockchain gaming narratives like Axie Infinity, there isn’t more development and adoption in crypto and Web3 games today. 
  • Zane responds by comparing the game quality of the current season to that of 2021, noting improvements but recognizing ongoing challenges in meeting the expectations of both Web2 and Web3 audiences. He criticizes many teams for not adapting to the innovative potential of Web3 gaming.
  • Zane suggests that a significant issue in the industry is the lack of game builders who understand both game development and the Web3 market. He stresses that success in Web3 gaming requires more than just replicating Web2 strategies and highlights the unsustainability of current economic models in gaming that only thrive during bull markets.
  • Subli asks about the factors contributing to the success of top-tier games like Axie Infinity and whether there might be a “magic recipe” for success in blockchain gaming.
  • Zane praises Axie Infinity as a true success story within Web3, attributing its success to its novel play-to-earn model and its impact on bringing new users into the crypto space. He is skeptical of its replicability but acknowledges the contributions of newer games like Pixels, which has succeeded through unique social gaming experiences and IP interoperability.

Ancient8: Choosing Layer-2 for Ecosystem Centralization and Gaming Integration

  • Subli asks Zane why they chose to build a chain and specifically a layer-2 instead of layer-1 or layer-3. 
  • Zane explains that they already had an ecosystem of products when they decided to build a chain, aiming to centralize all product incentives within one chain, named Ancient8 Chain. This centralization allows them to monitor growth metrics effectively.
  • Zane reasons that layer-1 was not chosen because the existing layer-2 technology was sufficient and ready, with the entire web3 infrastructure being well-prepared. They aimed to leverage these existing technologies rather than developing new ones.
  • Zane highlights the advantage of coming from the gaming industry, which is instrumental in onboarding users. By building on top of existing technologies like OP Stack, they ensure compatibility with other projects using the same stack and share resources like user liquidity and culture.
  • Zane mentions that using layer-2 allows them to focus on their strengths, such as onboarding users and developing consumer apps, while ensuring security and compatibility with Ethereum updates.
  • Zane discusses the tools and partnerships within the Ancient8 ecosystem, like Gelato Network, Celestia, and others, highlighting the flexibility and benefits provided to their users, particularly in gaming. He stresses the lower transaction fees and the ongoing exploration of decentralized architecture solutions.
  • Zane underscores that their ecosystem strategy is straightforward—focusing on aligning with teams that share their growth and user benefit goals, rather than forming strict alliances. He lists various tools and services integrated into their platform, highlighting their readiness to support a wide range of user needs.

Exploring the Impact and Incentives of the Superchain Ecosystem

  • Subli asks Zane to explain the significance of the Optimism Superchain and its impact on the development of the Ancient8 mainnet.
  • Zane responds by highlighting the technological benefits of being part of the Superchain, such as easier integration with other infrastructures due to prior adoptions of similar stacks. This connection significantly reduces the barriers to expanding their gaming solutions.
  • Zane also discusses the business and community aspects, highlighting the value of not feeling isolated in development. Being part of the Superchain fosters a sense of community among developers, particularly in the competitive gaming sector in Asia.
  • Subli points out the commitment aspect of the Superchain, where chains within it agree to contribute a portion of their revenue back to Optimism for what is termed retroactive public grant funding. This funding supports builders on the Superchain, enhancing the economic viability of the ecosystem.
  • Zane elaborates on the inclusive community philosophy within the Superchain. He appreciates the supportive environment that discourages competition and promotes collaboration among developers, regardless of their specific chain affiliations. This approach is vital in the early stages of ecosystem development to foster unity and collective growth.
  • Subli says that the Superchain aims to attract billions of people interested in various sectors like NFTs, gaming, and DeFi, all secured by the mainnet layer. He views this as a strong infrastructure and growth strategy for the future. 
  • Subli asks about the current offerings on Ancient8 and if there are incentives for builders or users, and what games might be available.
  • Zane says that Ancient8 provides numerous incentives and already has several on-chain games available, including Pirate Battle which launched recently. Other games include a non-blockchain game playable via Telegram and upcoming titles like a major MMORPG set to launch soon. He highlights that these games are integral to the Ancient8 ecosystem, providing engagement and rewards for users.
  • Zane also mentions a user campaign called Mainnet Mastery and other daily rewards across various games on the platform, highlighting the extensive incentive structures in place to engage users. He also speaks about revenue-sharing models for games that integrate with their platform.
  • Zane discusses bridging options on Ancient8, detailing native and third-party bridges, including Relay and Hyperlane, to facilitate asset transfers across different chains and layers, aiming for full interconnectivity by late 2024.

Ancient8: Updates and Community Engagement 

  • Subli asks Zane about upcoming projects and expectations for the next six months.
  • Zane says that they are launching a significant campaign where participants can earn loyalty points across the Ancient8 ecosystem. He mentions the upcoming Zone Nine Survival game, noting its high-quality graphics and innovative community involvement in the game development process. 
  • Zane says that they are working on a decentralized sequencer, moving away from their centralized model to better support project developers and game studios. He explains this change is aimed at creating a more cooperative environment for builders.
  • Zane urges current users to be ready to become Ancient8 citizens, highlighting that future games, products, and campaigns will focus on those holding the asset, integrating them fully into the Ancient8 ecosystem.

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