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The Edge Podcast – Whales Market: Pre-Token and Airdrop Trading

In this episode of The Edge Podcast which took place on April 26, 2024, DeFi Dad, Nomatic, and William discuss Whales Market, pre-token trading, airdrops, upcoming Runes market, and Whales Pro. Read our notes below to learn more.


Origin of Whales Market, Why Whales Market, and How Whales Market Works?

  • William says that crypto ethos emphasizes accessibility and decentralization. Products like Whales Market aim to make crypto more open and accessible to a wider audience. He says that product features enhance accessibility while aligning with the decentralized nature of crypto markets.
  • He adds that Whales Market’s functionalities include pre-market, OTC trading, and Points Market, offering opportunities for early token acquisition. They are offering such functionalities for EigenLayer, Starknet,, marginfi,, Kamino and Hyperliquid.
  • William says that users mostly sell and buy airdrop allocations before the token launch. The process involves collateral from both parties to ensure deal completion.
  • He adds that the settlement process involves token transfer from the seller to buyer post-order fulfillment within a 24-hour window. There is a contrast between traditional OTC desks’ trust-based model and Whales Market’s trustless peer-to-peer approach using smart contracts.

Most popular markets

  • William says that the Whales Market democratizes access to investment opportunities in crypto by removing barriers for retail investors.
  • He adds that pre-market offers certainty as traders know they are dealing directly with tokens. Pre-market is less speculative and more transparent than points market trading. Timing of pre-market launches coincides with high-interest periods, ensuring readiness among traders.

Whales Pro

  • William says that Whales Pro is a user-friendly upgrade resembling a DEX with improved charting capabilities. The platform addresses previous user experience issues, offering a more intuitive interface.

Runes Market and Whitelist coming soon

  • William says that limited information is available on Runes; however, excitement surrounds the NFT Whitelist feature for trading NFT projects. The NFT Whitelist will operate similarly to pre-market and coins market structures through smart contracts.

Growth strategy 

  • William says that they are doubling incentives in the referral program for Whales Pro release to drive growth. They are exploring partnerships to offer extra incentives for referrals from other products and integrate with professional NFT trading platforms.
  • He adds that co-marketing is a key growth mechanism for integrating with different products.

$WHALES token utility

  • William says that the primary utility of the $WHALE token is revealed to be revenue sharing through staking. Staking $WHALE results in earning more tokens over time via a buyback program.
  • He adds there will be future utility enhancements, focusing on enhancing user incentives beyond revenue sharing.


  • William says that there will be future product offerings such as NFT whitelists and Runes Market.
  • He adds that they will introduce “vested tokens” as an evolution in accessing pre-market deals. They are exploring a novel approach to early-stage investments through vested tokens.
  • William says that they are collaborating with a company specializing in smart contracts for tradable ownership of vested tokens. It will enable investors to access token ownership before public trading.

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