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Kommunitas is a decentralized crowdfunding platform for Web3 projects built on Polygon (MATIC) , now bridging to arbitrum and supporting all EVM-Compatible chains as well. Contrary to other launchpads, there is no tier system and every KOM that is staked is counted towards a user’s allocation. This initiative supports the vision of a community-driven ecosystem where everyone gets a sale allocation regardless of how much KOM they hold.

Kommunitas not only offers access to presale and crowdfunding events, but it also supports projects with marketing, advisory, community management, networking with VCs, SEO, and project development.

Tier-less launchpad

Investors in the Kommunitas launchpad get an allocation proportional to the amount of KOM tokens they stake. Hence, there are no barriers to entry and everyone is guaranteed to get an allocation relative to their investment and crowdfunding contribution. This also means that there are no requirements that force users to hold a minimum amount of tokens to participate in a public sale. This makes the launchpad more inclusive and accessible for a larger pool of investors, ultimately resulting in a more fair and democratic process for all.

Even if users do not own any KOM tokens, they will still be able to participate in the Community Round (4th Round) of every IKO (Initial KOMmunity Offering) – that’s how Kommunitas coined their unique IDO system.

The more KOM is staked, the greater the allocation.

Revenue sharing

Revenue sharing is only accessible to private partners. 30% of the fees collected from Kommunitas FCFS Rounds (first-come first-serve) and Community Rounds is pooled into the Private Partners Treasury Wallet in the form of USDC. These funds are then distributed at the end of each quarter amongst Kommunitas private partners, who are investors with more than 500,000 KOM staked.


For transparency, the Private Partners Treasury Wallets are also shared in Kommunitas homepage. Users can also calculate how much they need in order to become a Private Partner there.

With the core spirit of tier-less and proportionally distributed rewards, a Private Partner with 1 Million KOM tokens will get twice as many rewards more than those who stake 500,000 KOM tokens. To join the Private Partners group is not difficult, simply stake more than 500,000 KOM tokens in Kommunitas V3 Staking by accessing https://staking.kommunitas.net and once you are done, simply go to the telegram and talk to @komelitebot to verify the ownership of your wallet.

KOM Millionaire partners

The KOM Millionaire partners program aims to reward the top stakers in the platform. Kommunitas takes an upfront fee (of at least 3-5%) for projects launching on the platform and this revenue will be shared with Millionaire Partners on a monthly basis. Members will also be offered exclusive private deals, and access to airdrop or marketing events.

To participate in this program KOM Millionaire Partners are required to stake a minimum of 10,000,000 KOM tokens. Once that’s completed, users notify the KOM team (@robby678) on Telegram to verify ownership of their wallet. Next, they will be given access to a private group where they will receive the private deals and other perks.

As a KOM Millionaire Partner, apart from Monthly Revenue Sharing that you will earn, you will also be entitled for Quarterly Revenue Sharing as mentioned above.

Priority projects criteria

There are 2 types of projects launch in Kommunitas platform. A project with Priority Project Badge means the project has agreed to obey to the rules mentioned below:

VSB rewards

VSB stands for Vote, Share and Buy. VSB rewards is another innitiative to reward investors who are actively helping to promote the project launch in Kommunitas platform. Investors participating in the VSB Campaign can purchase a greater allocation and receive a portion of the project team’s marketing token. Essentially, the more allocation an investor buys, the more marketing tokens they can earn. This exclusive feature sets Kommunitas Launchpad apart from other launchpads.

Participating in the VSB Campaign is simple, but requires full participation. Investors must complete all three tasks, which include:

Failure to complete any of the tasks will disqualify the investor from receiving any VSB rewards. For example, if an investor votes and buys, but never shares, they will not be eligible for the VSB rewards.

Kommunitas Launchpad is proud to offer timely rewards to its investors. The VSB rewards will be given out no later than 7 days after the project is listed, giving investors peace of mind that they will receive their rewards in a timely manner.

Projects that have had VSB rewards distributed include:


Staking KOM grants users a guaranteed allocation in all sales while earning KOM rewards at the same time. There are 3 options for staking KOM:

There is a wide range of staking periods that goes from 30 to 730 days (30, 60, 90, 180, 365, and 730 days, with corresponding APYs of 3%, 5%, 7%, 9%, 12%, and 15%). As this is a locked staking, there is a 50% penalty for any premature withdrawals.

Kommunitas offers a 730 days stakers rewards program where users can earn not only KOM but also a share of the project’s marketing tokens. Kommunitas will share a portion of the tokens provided by the project team to all 730-day stakers proportionally. The details can be found here:

View 730 Days Staker Rewards Here

Social engagement burning

Rather than giving rewards to the community in exchange for their efforts and support on social media, Kommunitas implements a token burning mechanism. Most of the time, community rewards are immediately sold, and by having a burning model, the protocol can continue to reduce the circulating supply of the KOM token.

By interacting or engaging with the protocol by sharing news, likes, retweets, etc.… Users can participate and continue to increase the amount of tokens that are burnt.

Kommunitas social engagement burning tracking: click here.

Kommunitas portfolio details and events: click here.

Kommunitas calendar: click here.

How to setup Kommunitas calendar: click here.


2023 portfolio

Link: https://docs.kommunitas.net/portfolio/2023

2022 portfolio

Link: https://docs.kommunitas.net/portfolio/2022

2021 portfolio

Link: https://docs.kommunitas.net/portfolio/portfolio

Secure IKO

Secure IKO was introduced on August 22, 2023.

It provides a safe space for participating in Initial Kommunity Offerings (IKOs), where users have 100% control and choices for their IKO participation.


What to Expect from Kommunitas Secure IKO:


Here is a breakdown of the essential conditions that every project must meet to participate in a Kommunitas Secure IKO:

Identifying Kommunitas Secure IKO

When users are navigating through the offerings, it’s essential for users to quickly and unmistakably identify which projects are backed by the Kommunitas Secure IKO initiative. Here are the steps:

Why the Project was Created

Kommunitas was designed to solve the problems associated with both traditional and modern crowdfunding: using personal money, borrowing capital, the complexity of selling shares in the secondary market, failing to deliver products to investors….

By creating a decentralized crowdfunding ecosystem for web3.0 projects, Kommunitas can offer several benefits to investors, including low capital requirements, passive income, refund criteria that protect investors, and the ability to return money if a project fails to deliver or meet certain criteria.



Sector Outlook

Kommunitas attempts to be different from other launchpads by building an ecosystem. To do that, not only does it offer access to presale and crowdfunding events, but it also supports projects with marketing, advisorship, community management, networking with VCs and other CEOs, SEO, and project development.

Since inception, Kommunitas has introduced a series of pioneering DeFi primitives, such as Initial KOMunity Offerings (IKOs), a tier-less launchpad, and social engagement burning (a way of rewarding the community by reducing circulation supply of the token based on engagement metrics across social media). Revenue sharing in the form of stablecoins and KOM tokens also gives the project a competitive advantage over other decentralized launchpads.

Kommunitas estimates a big growth in the crowdfunding sector over the upcoming year. As per the project’s whitepaper, Kommunitas expects the total crowdsale addressable market to reach a size of $43.8 billion in 2028  and the Web3 crowdfunding market to reach $13.5 billion. If Kommunitas is successful to attract a conservative 2% of the addressable market, it can reach an obtainable market in the order of $270 million. 

Competitive landscape

Launchpad competitor analysis

Other competitors include Unicrypt, Pink Sale, Team Finance, DxSale, DeepLock, Mint Club, Bluezilla, and DexPad.


Kommunitas is available on the following chains:

For Users

To participate in a sale on Kommunitas, users must first stake KOM tokens. Before each sale, all project information is published on launchpad.kommunitas.net, along with a research document for users to read.

If the user is interested in participating in the sale of a given project, they will need to “vote” before the last staking and voting period ends. This is done by signing a transaction with a decentralized wallet and is used to signal interest. This step was added since not all KOM stakers might want to participate in all sales.

Public sales can have up to 4 rounds. After the Booster 1 and Booster 2 rounds, there is a FCFS (first-come first-serve) round for left-over allocations from previous rounds. The FCFS round will have the same price per token as Booster 1 and 2, but there will be a 3% Non-Refundable Fee.

If there are any unsold tokens from the FCFS round, they will be allocated to a Community Round where everyone can participate, including those users who do not stake any KOM tokens. The price per token will be the same but there will be a 5% Non-Refundable Fee. 

In extreme cases where you are the only one eligible for voting, you will be required to have at least 3,000 KOM for a public sale, and 500,000 KOM for a private sale. 

If you have more than 3,000 KOM staked but you forgot to cast a vote in the public sale, you will still be eligible to participate in the Booster 2 round, which only takes place if there are unsold tokens from Booster 1. 

For Investors

Business Model

Revenue Streams

All non-refundable fees from each IKO are collected after each sale and split into 3 different wallets:

Refund policy

The refund policy is a crucial component of the priority project rule, and since its implementation, refunds have been granted for all projects that meet the refund criteria and fall below the IKO price.

The third point in the Kommunitas’ Priority Project rules outlines the refund policy. It specifies that if the token price falls below the IKO/Sale price before 50% of the tokens are vested, the project will be prompted to perform a token buyback or large marketing campaign. If the project fails to do so and the token price remains below the IKO price for three consecutive days, Kommunitas will provide an option for refunds for the remaining allocation to investors. This policy ensures that investors receive a minimum of 50% of their investment in every Priority Project on the platform.

An additional rule states that if the token price falls below the IKO price for more than 24 hours within a 48-hour time frame by the time of token listing, the option for a full refund will be made available. For reference, Dextools with H1 (hourly) Chart will be used if the token is listed on both DEX and CEX simultaneously. Alternatively, the larger CEX’s H1 (hourly) Chart will be referred to if the token is listed on multiple CEXs simultaneously.

If the token falls below IKO price for 24 hours within a 48 hours time-frame, it is determined by the following.

To determine whether a project has maintained its price, the H1 chart will be opened, and a line will be drawn at the IKO price. If the opening and closing price is below the IKO price for more than 24 candles within a 48-candle timeframe, the project will be deemed to have failed to maintain the price, and a full refund option will be opened. Conversely, if there are no more than 24 candles where the opening and closing price is below the IKO price, the project will be considered to have had a successful listing, and the funds will be released based on the percentage of the first vesting. However, the project must still adhere to the 3 consecutive days rule until 50% of their token is unlocked as stated in the third point of the Kommunitas Priority Project rules.

If the project is not a Priority Project or if the vesting schedule is between 50% and 100% for the first vesting, the 3 consecutive days rule will not be enforced.


Coingecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/kommunitas

Fee Breakdown


KOM is the native token of the protocol, while KOMV (KOM Voting Token) is the token used for governance.

The current total supply is 2 billion. The total supply in the past was set at 40 billion, but it was reduced from 40 to 2 billion by burning tokens in Kommunitas’ DxLock contract when they were vested at the end of each month.

Kommunitas also provides updates on the burning on their monthly report.

Detailed token distribution: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kV88h-qf2tmSB3_xfrdF74p_z3lgu9n6/edit#gid=1601587410   

Contract where tokens are locked: https://polygonscan.com/token/0xc004e2318722ea2b15499d6375905d75ee5390b8#balances

Vesting and unlocks are detailed as follow:

KOM is tradeable in the following exchanges:


The governance system for Kommunitas is not the standard governance process, it is more of a voting process for users to indicate their interest in offerings. For instance, staking more than 3,000 KOM entitles users to a KOM-Voting (KOMV) token. This KOMV (read as Comfee) token is used to cast a vote in every public sale and indicates that users are interested in joining the sale. However, do note that this KOMV token cannot be sold or traded.



Kommunitas has undergone multiple audits by Shellboxes, TechRate and Secureverse.





Kommunitas only has 3 public repositories at the time of writing, corresponding to the adapters for DefiLlama’s TVL statistics, a repository for Trustwallet assets, and the token contracts.

Project Investors

Kommunitas was funded via a private round and 2 rounds of public sales. There was no pre-sale or seed sale with any private investors prior to the private sale.

The private sale took place from June 1 2021 and ended on June 15 2021, at  $0.001 per KOM, with a max cap of 2B KOM.

The 1st round of IEO Sale was held on June 17 2021 to June 30 2021.

The 2nd round of IEO Sale was held on July 1 2021 to July 14 2021.

More details can be found in the Tokenomics section.

Additional Information


Launchpad partners

Strategic partners

Venture Capital

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Community partners

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Security audit partners

Marketing partners


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