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Leviathan News – Curvance

In this episode of Leviathan News which took place on April 18, 2024, DAdivsoor hosted 0xMai from Curvance to discuss beta launch, liquidity fragmentation,cross-chain integration challenges, and more! Read our notes below to learn more.


DAdivsoor (Host) – Host at Leviathan News

Mai (Guest) – Contributor at Curvance

Curvance – a modular protocol for optimized liquidity management

Curvan: Transforming DeFi with Comprehensive Solutions

  • Mai expresses excitement about the launch of Curvance, highlighting its transformation from initial discussions to a functioning product, which feels surreal for many involved.
  • Mai reveals that they started working on the Curvance protocol in May 2022, and it has been in development for almost two years, aiming to build transformative and innovative solutions from scratch.
  • Mai outlines Curvance’s evolution from a project tied to specific DeFi assets to a versatile platform capable of operating across any blockchain with any asset.
  • Mai discusses Curvance’s role in addressing liquidity fragmentation, a significant issue as more chains launch. Curvance unifies various DeFi actions under one umbrella, acting as a rail system between chains for different financial activities.
  • Mai details Curvance’s functionalities, including borrowing against assets, leveraged liquidity provider strategies, basis trading, and liquid staking. He highlights Curvance’s tooling that simplifies entering and adjusting complex DeFi positions, highlighting the platform’s ability to streamline and unify DeFi interactions across multiple chains.
  • Mai says that the characterization of Curvance as a one-stop shop is accurate. He discusses the complexity and diversity of the DeFi ecosystem, which can be overwhelming for users. Mai explains that Curvance is designed to reduce this complexity, making it similar to how Robinhood simplifies stock trading.
  • Mai shares the challenges and iterative process involved in developing Curvance, including the importance of community feedback and the gradual refinement of the platform. He highlights the necessity of a strong product to engage the community and achieve success in the market.
  • Mai reflects on the development process of Curvance, comparing it to the philosophical thought experiment of the ship of Theseus. He outlines how Curvance evolved from a niche idea to a comprehensive DeFi platform, highlighting the incremental and natural progression of the project’s scope and features.

Upcoming Testnet Launch and Beta Rollout: Insights and Milestones

  • Mai announces the private testnet release happening, accessible initially to five or six hundred people, with expansions planned in subsequent rounds, ultimately leading to an open registration phase. This phase will last six weeks, during which they will implement daily updates and bug fixes based on user feedback.
  • Mai explains that some features, such as cross-chain technology and bridging mechanisms, will be delayed due to pending approvals. Restrictions exist on Testnet for off-chain solvers like 1Inch or Paraswap, as these do not function in a testnet environment.
  • Mai adds that from day one, core features like borrowing, lending, and collateralization of assets will be available, with a goal to roll out as much functionality as possible over the six-week period. This includes addressing any bugs found in the latest audit and preparing for the final wave of audits aimed at a late Q2, 2024 official protocol launch.
  • Mai says the private testnet is a beta launch but is essentially their mainnet, similar to other recent campaigns. This phase will include a new point system and will last about two months, after which the gauge system and DAO will become active.
  • Mai talks about the core role of the $CVE token in the system, revealing plans for the Bytes campaign to reward participants of the testnet and the beta launch with feedback submissions and active usage.
  • Mai provides details about the ongoing audit processes that started last August 2023, highlighting their extensive engagement with top auditors. The recent nine-week public audit resulted in 757 submissions, with an estimated 40 to 50 bugs to fix. Mai notes this was part of the largest code base ever audited publicly, highlighting the scale of their protocol relative to others.
  • Mai mentions a final wave of audits over the next few months, which will run parallel to the Testnet, aiming for a comprehensive and robust beta launch minus the token-like system.

Curvance’s Strategic Approach: Testing, Collaboration, and User-Centric Design

  • Mai says that he’s not too worried about moving from testnet to mainnet, as they are planning to run a permissioned version of Curvance on mainnet before launch to ensure everything works flawlessly. He highlights their methodical approach to development, contrasting it with other developers’ preferences for testing in production.
  • Mai says that although they face competition from other borrowing, lending, and strategy management services, Curvance collaborates with these teams. He believes that Curvance can help grow the overall market, though he anticipates that successful aspects of their technology may be copied by others.
  • Mai says that they have focused heavily on UX/UI, planning features not commonly seen in Web3, like personalization options and engagement elements within their application. He describes efforts to make their application distinct and user-friendly, enhancing the overall experience.
  • DAdvisoor suggests that improving UX/UI is crucial, particularly with a potential bull market approaching.
  • Mai outlines the strategic elements essential for success, including strong foundational technology and effective networking within the industry. He highlights their focus on branding and community engagement through various creative and promotional activities to strengthen Curvance’s presence in the market.

Testnet and Mainnet Launches: Wormhole Integration and Community Engagement

  • Mai explains that Wormhole was chosen due to cultural fit and shared visions for the future with their team, despite past security issues that Wormhole effectively resolved. He praises their impressive recovery and commitment to advancing their technology.
  • Mai details the technical advantages of integrating Wormhole, highlighting the resilience it adds to their system against chain failures and its unique capabilities compared to other cross-chain messaging systems.
  • Mai discusses the inevitability of a multi-chain future, highlighting the importance of high aspirations and the spread of technology across various blockchains for those aiming to lead in the future of finance.

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