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Archway- Introduction to Lunar Space and Jackal Protocol

In this Twitter Spaces of Archway, which took place on May 6, 2024, Henry, Patrick, Eric, Adrian, and Jaydon discuss Lunar Space, Archway Dev Zone, Jackal, and decentralized storage. Read our notes below to learn more.


  • Henry (Guest) – Contributor at Lunar Space
  • Patrick (Guest) – Co-Founder of Jackal
  • Eric (Guest) – Co-Founder of Astrovault
  • Adrian (Guest) – Contributor to Archway
  • Jaydon (Guest) – Growth at Jackal Protocol


  • Henry introduces Lunar Space as a co-founder with experience in network administration engineering. Henry explains Lunar Space’s approach of combining the web2.5 model with blockchain technology for efficiency enhancements.
  • Patrick introduces Jackal Labs, focusing on delivering scalable storage solutions for blockchain projects.

Overview of Lunar Space’s Offerings

  • Henry introduces three zones (products) offered by Lunar Space: 
    • Enterprise Zone, 
    • Cloud Hybrid Platform Zone, 
    • Decentralized User Interface Zone.
  • Henry says that they have chosen Archway for its scalability and developer tooling, facilitating the transition from web2 to web3. The focus is on enabling a seamless educational process for building dApps and web3 tooling. They are chain agnostic to support clients effectively in both web2 and web3 environments.
  • He adds that the Archway Dev Zone initiative aims at onboarding web2 developers into a web3-friendly platform. It combines project management, task management, community management, and building technology from Archway.
  • Henry adds that they aim to be an accessible educational platform for web2 developers transitioning to web3.

Jackal’s Role in Data Storage on Archway

  • Patrick says that Jackal Protocol provides a peer-to-peer network for cloud data storage with enhanced security features. It offers decentralized storage through smart contract calls locally, benefiting builders on Archway.
  • He adds that they focus on cybersecurity advantages such as end-user exclusive access without backdoors.
  • Patrick says that builders benefit from decentralized storage without centralized choke points or API spaghetti. It enables unique transactions, value capture, and scalability without moving to a separate storage blockchain.

Value Proposition of Multi-Signature Wallets

  • Patrick says that multi-signature wallets are valuable for enterprises as they provide a secure way to manage mission-critical data and assets. These wallets offer enhanced security measures, particularly crucial for backups and ransom resilience in case of cyber threats.
  • Henry says that enterprises benefit from the added layer of protection provided by multi-signature wallets, especially when dealing with sensitive information. The focus is on delivering value through cloud storage solutions that prioritize security and reliability for businesses. Implementing technologies like Jackal into systems helps in combating ransomware attacks and providing deep-end solutions to vulnerable sectors such as law firms, healthcare providers, and financial agencies.

Exploring the Jackal Outpost

  • Patrick says that the Jackal Outpost wraps blockchain modules into a smart contract deployable on another chain. This enables mimicking a Jacko blockchain on Archway. This innovation allows Archway to have storage capabilities similar to Jao, opening up possibilities for new applications in various fields like social, science, AI, machine learning, and enterprise solutions.
  • He adds that while blockchains excel at computation through validators’ actions, they face limitations in storage capacity due to data volume constraints. The Outpost aims to address this challenge by offering decentralized storage options while maintaining web3 principles.

Decentralized Storage Challenges

  • Patrick says that storing extensive data sets on-chain poses challenges for applications like data marketplaces or social platforms requiring substantial storage capacities while adhering to decentralization principles.
  • He adds that blockchain technology excels in computation but struggles with large-scale data storage due to inherent limitations. The Outpost aims to provide an alternative by leveraging smart contracts for decentralized storage without centralized points of failure.
  • Patrick says that messages passing through IBC plays a crucial role in deploying The Outpost on different chains by ensuring communication back to the Jackal blockchain for executing actions seamlessly across chains.

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